Even Though Sometimes My Punch Lines Fall Flat

It’s easy for me to see why humor is a beautiful characteristic –- after all, the sound of laughter and the look of a big, wide smile are two very beautiful things. But cultivating humor is hard -– truly amusing people, I suspect, are just born that way. Most people are probably like me: personable and fun, but not actually funny-funny. Does this mean I’m missing a key beautiful quality? Do funny people shine a little brighter than the rest of the ho-hum world? ...more

You are right - humor is so much more than jokes. The older I get, the more I see the ...more

I'm Free: There's Nothing Left to Lose

And if I am being an imposter, or only a shadow of me, then the value that anyone places in me is erroneous, invalid and an applaud that is not mine. And maybe that is why life could feel so lonely sometimes… when we’re only second-handers. ...more

So, so true, Lauren. And it all starts with really embracing who you are.


Carpe Diem on a Bicycle

Two friends gave me an unexpected gift this Christmas: A Schwinn. A lovely, retro-inspired cruiser, replete with a basket and bell, in a sassy champagne color with white trim. The handles and saddle are black, and it reminds me of the Schwinn I had as a girl. My first "grown-up" bike. This was a sweet surprise of a treat. ...more

Happy upcoming birthday, Jenna! I hope you enjoy your cruiser as much as I do mine. Ride it ...more

12 Tips on Exploring Spirituality From Author Sharon Salzberg

For BlogHer's monthly series of 12 tips to help you Own Your Beauty, meditation student and author Sharon Salzberg takes on this month's theme: Spirituality. ...more
wonderful practicemore

My Life Can't Begin Again Some Other Day

This morning I shed some major tears over my battle with infertility. I cried because tomorrow I will be a 35-year-old, childless woman. I cried because I also realized, for the first time, that I’m scared to have a baby. I have so many fears surrounding having a child, that I’ve kept hidden from myself. But it’s all surfacing now. And I’m wondering how much of my own fears have blocked my body from doing what is most natural. ...more
After three miscarriages in the space of a year, I can relate to your story and your fear that ...more

Dear Body: Just When I Was Beginning To Like You

Life is a funny thing. Life is a funny thing, Mama. Look at any random magazine cover, and the headlines all scream “Like yourself better!” and “Be awesome in 10 days or less!” Self help and self improvement books threaten to burst the shelves at any book store from the weight of all the titles. All screaming for you! You! To buy and become a better you. A you that is different from what you are. ...more
Long & Silky?!! I haven't thought about that in forever! But I was faithful to the brand until ...more

Own Your Spirituality: An Open Mind is a Beautiful Thing

I should really subtitle this post "Spirituality for Dummies," because really, for most of my life, I have felt like a spiritual idiot. Religion -- what appeared to be the source of all spirituality -- was complex, contradictory, and confusing. ...more
Beautifully said....I love it!!!!more

Fat Talk is for Babies

Because it's the New Year and everybody is resolving to do All of the Good Things and None of the Bad Things, I wanted to share something with you. Here it is: It's ok to be a woman and have a good body image. ...more

Wow, did this make my day. I really admire the insightfulness, maturity and compassion of this ...more

Doing Things For Ourselves Cause Ripples

I felt that every day was exactly the same as the last. I woke up to the exact same tasks every day, and it was monotonous. I was so bored with everything and nothing seemed to change except that my children were slightly larger and didn’t really want me to be around as much as they used to. I didn’t know what to do. ...more
Its early morning over here in Indonesia and I stumbled upon this article, somehow I dont ...more

Roadmap of My Life

Self-portrait, huh? I'll admit it; my first inclination was to take a super adorable shot of myself mugging for the camera, like the school photo I never had. But then I started thinking more; what did I want this photo to *say*? My portrait for this week is about more than just my face. The stretch marks, the surgical scars, the tiny dots left by large-gauge IVs... all of them, a roadmap to my life. ...more

Oh, this post is so awesome! i adore you on Twitter, but this? This is pure, raw, personal ...more