The 5 Greatest Homeschooling Myths

Define homeschooling: "That thing people do when they want to create socially awkward little hermits who play in the garden all day and will never go to university." ...more
jewel31316  Thanks so much! I'll definitely have a read. Always open to learning! :)more

Discouraged: I Don't Know If I Can Keep Homeschooling

Maybe these are some of the "tough times" people who are awesome homeschoolers warned me about, or maybe I just REALLY SUCK AT THIS and should just realize it already. I just don't know how much of this is normal and ok, or if I am ruining his education and if he is going to end up being homeless and singing on the steps of some cathedral to sell bags of birdseed to fee pigeons in the park. ...more
Trust me.  No matter how bad it gets, your children will be better off than in public school!more

Exclusive Series: My First Day of Homeschooling

I know, I know... homeschooling and Brazilian waxing are not exactly terms that you would find sitting side-by-side in a thesaurus, and please pardon the comparison. And yet, that is EXACTLY the comparison I am about to use. Because as I thought about it, the reactions to the announcement that I was homeschooling my 6th grader were AWFULLY similar to when I said I got my 1st Brazilian wax. ...more
Awesome homeschool room transformation! Four years ago, we jumped in and never looked back. I am ...more

New Series: We've Decided to (Gulp) Homeschool

Since the middle school here is so huge, we have ALWAYS considered homeschool for these years (with a return in high school). And so, I have been turning it over and over like a rusty hamster wheel in the back of my head for a long, long time. ...more
This is the first year that I am homeschooling my little one. I have had a lot of opposition. ...more