The Month of Pies Comes to an End -- With Jeopardy! Pie

Apple, apple-cranberry (twice), broccoli pot, buttermilk, cashew butter and jam, cauliflower-onion, chicken pot, chocolate pudding, coconut cream, cranberry, mashed potatoes and peas, lemon-mascarpone (twice), leftovers (thrice), maple-walnut, mushroom-goat cheese, Nutella (twice), pecan, pumpkin, quiche Lorraine, salmon-leek (twice), shepherd's, sweet potato, and tofu pot. 29 pies in 29 days. A wild pie ride. ...more

But I also have a LOT of pie in my freezer. A LOT. Want to come over?

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Coconut Cream Pie for a Cold Day

It's COLD in San Francisco -- perfect weather for a classic pie. Perfect for the kind of savory pie I've been making all month. But the weather is doing strange things to me. I'm craving something else. Something tropical. ...more

It looks real good i will try it. I do make a good Coconut Cream Pie too.

Apple Pie Lab Experiment #2: Lattice Crust and Pie Variations

So after yesterday's gratifying success with my first apple pie, I decided to try a couple of variations. I've always been fascinated with lattice crusts -- pastry weaving looks so cool. But it's a pain, and pie is already a pain. So is a lattice crust necessary for certain pie? Or does it make a pie taste better? ...more

thanks for posting - I'll be sure to give it a try


Apple Pie Lab Experiment #1: Hey, It's Not That Hard After All

This weekend, for science, I'm conquering some myths about apple pie -- starting with the ones in my own head. Mental Myth #1: Apple pie is boring. Status: Debunked. It is the sexiest of pies. Check out this scientific proof: Mental Myth #2: Apple pie is a humdrum flavor. Why bother when you can have something as luscious as Nutella, as piquant as lemon? ...more

I should bake for you because I am not an enormous fan of cinnamon myself, actually. I think you ...more

Triple Holiday Pie Fail! My Sad, Sad, Sad Thanksgiving Story

Even with the best of plans and nearly a month of pie experience, this Thanksgiving proved to me that when it comes to pie, there's always an element of luck ... Pie Fail #1: No Sugar, Sherlock ...more

I tried to make a gluten-free pie crust the night before and it was terrible. I had high hopes ...more

What Are Your Thanksgiving Pie Traditions?

Last weekend, I went to visit family. My Granny and Aunt Billie were visiting my mom from Texas. I was really inspired by the Food Diplomats and Cuisine Ambassadors panel at BlogHer Food '10, so I struck up a conversation with them about food traditions and memories. ...more

Confession: I Don't Really Like Meringue Pie. Do You?

Maybe it's because I'm often the one making the pie, but I don't like meringue. It shrinks. It weeps. It gets floppy. Success cannot be guaranteed. The weather plays a part, as do the Dessert Fates. I will make meringue for macarons, for iles flottantes, or for chewy, nutty meringue cookies. ...more

There's always something, no?

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Lemon Mascarpone, Cranberry Walnut and Nutella: My Thanksgiving Pie Lineup

I've finally narrowed it down to the Three Pie Finalists, and perhaps we'll have a pie-off at the dessert table. But I think this tart, rich, creamy darling is going to win: Lemon Mascarpone Pie This is way better than lemon meringue, with a bonus: no meringue to get fussed over during transport. Instead, spoon spiced whipped cream over it at the table. MMMmmmmmm. Step 1: Make Lemon Curd ...more

I want to put mascarpone in everything right now. Like my breakfast cereal.

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Bringing a Pie to a Thanksgiving Dinner: Making Ahead and Transporting

I am getting close to my final pie lineup for Thanksgiving at my husband's family's house. There have been some changes: I'm not making apps after all -- I like my savory pies heated through, and oven space is at a premium since the guest list is now at (gulp) 19. I've also gotten a request for a fruit pie, and other people are covering pumpkin and pecan. So... I'm rethinking. ...more

but with 21 guests and very little counter space I'm pretty sure that might be grounds for my ...more

Gluten-Free Pies for Thanksgiving

Given the incredible crust-flake-producing properties of vegetable shortening and the amazing pie-structuring properties of silken tofu, veggie or vegan pie is no more challenging to make than traditional pie. But gluten-free pie is another story. ...more

Hi Julie,

Belated, but thanks so much for all the kind mentions in this post! Yes, some of us ...more