Taylor Swift's Red Carpet-Ready Up-Dos

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Here at the beauty mark, one of our favorite things to do is to recreate celebrity looks. One of our favorites this award season was Taylor Swift's People's Choice awards up-do.


Credit Image: © D. Long/Globe Photos/ZUMAPRESS.com

She nailed the whole ensemble, and her hair had so much going for it. It's completely versatile, quick, easy, and so fresh. Yes, I said fresh.  But I won't spend all of your time telling you how cute it is. You can see that for yourself. I will tell you, step-by-step, how you can recreate her look at home {cue gasp!!!}.

Side note: We loved her Grecian up-do from the Grammys as well. Do we love when she incorporates her heavy bangs into the up-dos?  I think yes. She's a total knock-out these days. Eat your heart out, Harry Styles.

Check out our favorite little serial-dater here:


Credit Image: © face to face/ZUMAPRESS.com

And here is our everyday do-it-yourself version:


It's a killer. Am I right? Wanna be like Courtney? Go grab three things: bobby pins, a hair tie, and some hairspray, and you're good to go. {As far as C's hair goes} You've got this in the bag. Four simple steps:


1. Section hair in a headband part, meaning from ear-to-ear, where you would place a headband-forward. Then pull the back section in a messy bun. Wrap any loose ends of the hair around the elastic, and pin.

2. Part the front section down the middle.

3. Take small pieces from either side of the part, criss-cross it above the bun, and pin underneath. Keep doing this until you run out of hair. Hint: You can twist some of these pieces to create a little more texture in the style. If you have thick hair, take larger pieces across. If you have fine, thin hair take small pieces and you'll definitely want to twist them for texture.

4.  Leave a few pieces in front to make it a little more wearable for everyday.  Hairspray. Voila! You are pop country superstar TSwift!

*side-note. It would be in your favor to start with hair that has been curled. Taylor's hair is obviously curled more than Courtney's, but they both look fantastic!

We love this hairstyle because it can easily go from to red carpet to every day, and it's so easy! We hope you think so too.

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