Teaching my child to clean properly

Has anyone ever noticed that there are some people who can clean and there are others who can really clean? I am a person who can clean. When it comes to washing the dishes, dusting and polishing, sweeping, vacuuming, and scrubbing down toilets, I can do it all. The grimy work, both of my parents taught me how to do.

Taking a look at the lighter cleaning baffles me! I know that many of you are thinking that this person is ridiculous, but take a minute to think about it. Who taught you how to put your toys away or clean your room, your parents or other adult figures? My parents taught me how to heavy duty clean but never taught me how to organize and put away. My parents always told me to go clean my room, and as a child that consisted of shoving everything in corners, under the bed, or in the closet. I was good as long as my parents peeked in and everything was out of sight.

My husband is one of ten children; chaos was not an option in his house growing up. He is very clean and organized (wonder how we lasted this long haha), he doe not ever understand when I tell him that I have no idea how to pick up and clean if the items have not had an original place. My husband is very good at organizing things at home and laughs when I am unable to do the same. My worst nightmare is unpacking my junk at a new place of living. Not only are there many boxes of random stuff thrown together, but also there isn’t a place that it was previously meant for.

I can organize things at work and try very hard because I like organization when I know where things go. I am not saying that I don’t know how to put the basic cups and plates away but the random nick knacks and decorations that have no order are what I have a difficult time with.

My son now is doing some of the same stuff, so as a parent who wants more organization in my life I am forcing myself to go over cleaning his room with him. We have the shelf with the different bins and as a family we sat around organizing his whole room so that my son would learn how to properly put away his toys.

Every day we go over his chores where the directions are very detailed in order to make sure that he is learning how to organize his life properly. As for my bad habits and lack of organizing within my home I told my husband that if we cannot find a place for the items and they have no value emotionally, to throw them away when I am not around. There is a 90% chance that I will never even notice.

So the most important advice I have for parents today would be teaching your child to properly clean both heavy duty and light cleaning. Don’t make them OCD but definitely help them create more order.

A few tips for helping them learn how to properly clean.

  1. 1.     make the bed every day after school
  2. 2.     organize by action figures/ dolls, cars/ doll accessories, learning tools (alphabet letter magnets), creative supplies (crayons and pencils), books, and coloring books
  3. 3.     have them practice folding their own clothes and putting them away properly
  4. 4.     check under the bed or put bins under the bed to prevent them from throwing stuff underneath
  5. 5.     have their own clothes bin where dirty clothes can be put in, end of each week they bring the bin to the laundry room


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