A Teachable Mom

I’m a mom with a big heart and a short fuse who, on my good days, gives myself time-outs and uses re-dos like hand sanitizer.

I believe my two lively, vibrant young girls are my best teachers.  We’re navigating the messy ups and downs of growing up together.

Our house is loud, boisterous and fun – filled with emotions and opinions (did I mention LOUD?). My girls are me before I learned to play small and be quiet.

I’m a real mom; a mama and a mommy, rarely a “mother,” but I have my moments … (just ask my girls).

Mainly I’m a mom in every iteration:   a courageous mom, a generous mom, a control-freak mom, a compassionate mom, a messy mom, a perfectionistic mom, a martyr mom, a pushover mom, a complicated mom, an angry mom, a loveable mom, a humble mom, a hateful mom, a competitive mom, a warm-hearted mom, a mixed-message mom, anencouraging mom, a confident (appearing) mom, a sassy mom, a playful mom, a luckymom, a guilt-ridden mom, a f*!!*ing-brave mom, a blessed mom, a kick-ass mom … ateachable mom.

Bottom-line:  I’m their mom and my girls are stuck with me. And, for that, we’re all blessed.