Teacher I Didn't Know Is a Hero

As a teenager who really loves literature, I was always confident; that includes giving my comments to others. Every comment was always right; or so I thought?

Literature is part of my English subject and my English teacher for that year was Mrs. Gomez, i didn’t get why everyone addressed her as “Mrs.” since she doesn’t have a husband. First day of school was great! I liked her instantly, but there are some things I noticed about her- she’d an English teacher but it’s really hard to understand her when speaking English. She has her own pronunciation of words. She pronounces the word boat: butch. Singular: Shingulor. She also has her own syllabication of words. And she looks too old for her age; she looks older than my grandmother.

She’s kind, but her teaching techniques are extremely “weird”. Why weird? Cuz, what we only do was dramatize something, then next something and next something. What are we gonna do when the finals came, what should we do, act?

She also doesn’t keep records of scores like all the other teachers are doing. What about our grades?

I found out from a teacher who doesn’t like her that she’s full of loans. According to her, Mrs. Gomez loaned money from the bank just to pay a hair salon. She told me every fault she noticed from Mrs. Gomez and I couldn’t agree more.

I really wanna complain to the Principal but I forced myself not to. But things turned upside-down when things went a little out-of-hand. There was this feud between the “old girls” and the “new girl”. I’m part of the “old girls” party; we made the “new girl’s” life hell! It was wrong I know; I didn’t want to do it but I have to.

We didn’t know that Mrs. Gomez and the “new girl” knew each other. So, meaning, she’s in favor of “her”.

She let out her anger on us in our English class. I felt nothing. I was angry! We were angry ! We thought- she’s not part of this! Why try hard to be part of this? You want war, we’ll give you war!

The war really did happen, two actually- “old girls” vs. “new girl” and “old girls” vs. Mrs. Gomez. Looking back, I’m not proud of it, but I was before. Being a bully kinda gave me power, and being considered “the foe to the teacher” made me think I’m better than her.

To make it worse, we did something. There’s this thing called a Suggestion Box at school where students can put all their suggestions. Know what I/we did? Here’s a clue; I wrote on a piece these exact words SECOND YEAR STUDENTS:  NEEDS A BETTER ENGLISH TEACHER. It’s horrible; it was wrong- I know. But it felt so right.

I know that sooner or later they will find out that it was me- with the “old girls” of course. And they did! I was proud! Every time someone will ask me if I’m the one who complained about Mrs. Gomez, I was proud to say yes!

Because of these- feud of the students and students, and feud of the students and teacher, we were called to the guidance office. Woah! I was shocked! But I never let them know that. What I let them see was a strong girl who doesn’t regret all the bad things she had done, but deep inside, I wanted to cry; I was shaking. I started to ask- what had happen if I’ve never put myself into this?

I told all the “old girls” not to show the crowd their weakness!

Our class adviser never said a word. But he did say that Mrs. Gomez before was very different; that includes her speaking. He said that she was once very beautiful.

What happened?

I told my mom about this and she was not happy? Who would be? Then she told me that Mrs. Gomez’ students before who are now in abroad are all thankful to her. What? Why?

The day after that, we met up with the guidance counselor and one of the teachers. We talked about everything. The bullying thing was straighten and also the other one. I felt so guilty that day- yes! I was guilty for bullying and insulting a teacher, but there’s one more; I came clean. I told the guidance that I just forced my self to do it- for my bestfriend. Yes at first I was forced to do it, but later on, I started to like it- both the bullying and insulting thing.

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