Teacher-Parents and the Web: Let's Make it Work

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We are classroom teachers.  We were classroom teachers.  

We homeschool full-time, and we homeschool part-time. We're eclectic and structured, unschool-driven and Montessori-minded.

We talk literacy, mathematics, science, and social studies, languages and the arts. 

We practice a "lifestyle of learning", and we all blog about it.

This session will be an opportunity for anyone and everyone who dabbles in the field of education--at home or in the classroom--to chat about why we have chosen to share our journey on the web.  We'll focus on best practices and resources, and we'll discuss our obligations, as educators, when we do share information.

What are the best ways of idea-sharing?  What are the most safe ways of conveying information?  What makes one site more reliable than the next?  Why do we always return to the same ones, and how can we better branch out?  How can this growing group of bloggers network more so that no one needs to re-invent the wheel?

We're parents and teachers who are on the hunt for ways of enriching our children's lives, whether it be for a full day or ten minutes here and there.  Let's finally meet in real life and figure out how to make this adventure easier--and more fun--for everyone.