Teachers are in demand - Growing Career for 2014

Being a 40'ish year old mother to an almost college graduate, I am so proud of my daughter. She will be graduating college in 2014 and is already entering a teaching career next year. What better career for her too since she loves teaching others. She also loves children and has decided to teach grade school children. She has decided she also wants children in the future once she finds her Mr. Right to marry and have a family with. She will have a lot of practice in raising children by being a teacher and she has already had practice at raising a baby since she used to do a lot of babysitting when she was younger. I cannot quite find the words to say as to how so very proud of her I am and always will be. We must have done something right raising her since she is heading in the right and best direction for her life.

This is rightfully so too since teachers are in demand for a growing career in the New Year. I read an article on TeacherInformation.org and according to it, among the careers of computer science, nursing, and accounting, teaching is one of the best career fields to find employment upon graduation. Great news for my daughter which makes her father and I very happy for her!

Teachers in Demand for the Next 10 Years

Since she has a job already lined up next year teaching grade school and has decided to continue her career in education for the rest of her working life, I decided to read up a bit on teaching and how much of a demand it is in right now. According to another article I read on teaching.monster.com, teachers are in demand now and for the next ten years at least. The demand for teaching will go from good to excellent for the next ten years. This is excellent news for my recent college graduate daughter. With them being in demand is all according to grade level, area, and the subject that is being taught.

Other Great Teaching Areas

Although my daughter has decided to teach grade school level since she loves children so much, there are other areas in teaching she can try if she isn't truly happy. One option is special education. Teaching children in special Education is a great way for her to feel fulfilled and give back. Special education students may be challenging and this may be a difficult area for her to choose if she decides to change but these students need love and support too and they can get this from my loving daughter.

She can also choose speech and language pathology where she can teach students with one-on-one sessions, have meetings with their parents, and teach children throughout all grade levels.

Another teaching area that would be perfect for her and is in high demand and will be in even better demand is something teachers like to call STEM. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. These are all great subjects she can teach children in. Not only will she be working with kids but she will be helping them with their future by teaching them the subjects they will need to know to be able to succeed in life.

Her father and I are very proud of her and always will be. Wait, did I already say that once or twice? Well, it is true so I had to say it again. We love our daughter and know she will do awesome with her life from a teaching career.