Team Draft

So. League draft. What a loaded topic. I was with my league at its inception. I never went through fresh meat, so I have no idea just how crazy it must be. Let's be honest. People join derby because it's fucking cool. Yeah, sisterhood, athletic, positive female roles, blah blah. Face it, go to a game, and it's a charge- people are cheering, women are going fast and nailing each other, cool uniforms, beautiful bodies- attainable fame...special. Cred. Cool. Add the GLBTQ factor, and it's a magnet for really neat people. I dare you to sit in the stands and not think "I want that". So, contact your local league, ask how you can be a part, they say "tryouts!" and you go and possibly have the skills to get into fresh meat training. One step towards special. A club that includes people you think are awesome, attractive, strong. Make it through a couple of cuts. Attrition within your little group of trainees is ramping up. Maybe someone couldn't hack to pace, another broke some random bone, pulled a muscle you never knew existed till endurance training, another got a job and doesn't have the time. Your little group just got more exclusive. Learn the rules, hear about the people in the league, KNOW them a little more, take your rules test and pass. The coaches are telling you what the teams are looking for. Those glittering units that dress the same, have a certain team dynamic- those bitches are TIGHT. You are this <----> close to being a part, of BELONGING. All you have to do is be charming and sell yourself during the interviews with the captains. You know they've been watching you. Talking about you. Everything you do at practice is under scrutiny. Even how you speak to your coaches and fellow trainees. The captains ask you weird questions during the interviews...wait, "what would I bring to a team potluck? If You were arrested, what would it be for?", what? You want me to dance for you? " Hold on, what is ths shit? But I sure hope they like me. I want to be a part of this." Captains' top secret draft meeting. You know the night. The night they divvy you up. Rumor is rampant. Strange FB posts from captains. Oh man, even if this team has 6 roster spots, they might not fill them all. Last year, they didn't take someone, even though they had the space. Oh man, did you hear about that time they didn't draft that super experienced player? No one liked her. I hope they like me! But they did take that girl who broke her ankle in fresh meat because they saw promise, so maybe it's not all about skill. Pick me.Pickmepickmepickme. Now you have to wait till the team draft night. How humiliating would it be if everyone got picked, but not you. How do they announce it? will I get on the team I want? i know I said it didn't matter I just wanted to play, but ohmygod, those bitches that wear red are NOT for me. i hate that one member, she said something really discouraging at that one practice. Pick me.

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