Team Natural hauteness on Almost Human

Not sure if you have checked out the new show on Fox called Almost Human that the sexy Michael Ealy is co-starring in.  Its set in the future in the year 2048 and crime has skyrocketed by 400%.  Because of this, each human police officer is paired with an android.  Michael Ealy is the sexy android that is considered synthetically human because he has feelings.  Now, the hot Michael Ealy is not the point of this post, but rather the gorgeous sexbot in episode 2 called "Skin.” 
Vanessa, pictured above and played by Ella Thomas, is an Intimate Robot Companion or called by their nickname, a sexbot.  Why did I feel the need to share?  Well, it was her GORGEOUS HAIR!!!  I was so amazed by it's beauty and its bigness that I had to pause the show and call my sister to discuss the hair envy I was having.  My husband was not amused since we were in the middle of watching the show, but damn...her hair was too awesome for me to not dish on.
Ella A. Thomas is an Eritrean-American actress and model who is known for her curly hair and as a guest star on Almost Human they really made her hair stand out.  She played her part well, but I almost didn't notice because of her tresses that seemed to be as big as the entire room.  God, I love big hair. 
I love when Team Natural is on TV and on the big screen and I'll keep you posted on who I spot next!
Take care Naturals,



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