French Braids

This morning, I posted this on facebook with a caption of "These pictures are amazing.  Click 'like' if you know why."

These pictures actually made me cry. 

Well, no, what made me cry was the french braids.  They're not my best work, but when Charlotte left for Fraser on the Care Cab an hour ago, they were still in her hair. 

This is the first time ever that Charlotte has let me put braids in her hair.  We've done pigtails before, and they've lasted around an hour- and we were excited. 

But she sat still and let me braid her hair.  She even had asked for two 'pretties.'

When Charlotte started with a home therapist 3 years ago, brushing and washing her hair were two of the goals on her self-care plan.  Her hair has been short forever because the hair battle was too much for us to fight.  We spent many therapy sessions with our friend Kelly, taking turns brushing her hair and letting her brush ours.  There were tears shed, tantrums thrown and treats of bribery offered in exchange for 10 strokes of the hairbrush. 

I love seeing these milestones.  They remind me that the hours spent doing paperwork and driving to and from various therapies and schools and meetings pay off. 

Who knew that french braids could be so emotional?


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