Tears On My Pillow

If you read my blog post from a couple of days ago, you know I haven't been having the greatest week.  I don't  know if it's even the actual circumstance or the hormonal hell that is menopause.

Look at me crosswise and you'll face the flood of tears.  Raise your voice and I fall to pieces.  Insomnia is becoming a more frequent visitor which contributes to the tears as well.  And let's not forget the physical exhaustion of opening and closing windows based on the intensity and duration of a hot flash!  I have even stuck my head into the freezer for relief!  Yep...I did it.

Maybe it is the circumstance.  If so, the emotions are hindering me from moving through it.  I feel weak and I despise feeling that way!!  Somehow I need to find a way to shut off the faucet and get it together.  Any suggestions??

Hopefully this is just a spell and I'll be back to my normal self soon.  Did I mention soon?  Like now?  Like yesterday? 

Keep the tissues handy...I might need them!



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