Tech-Free Power Hour

So we decided to start a tech-free hour every night. No phones, iPads, laptops, computer, iPods etc. Even an Etch-a-Sketch is pushing it. You'd think this would be easy; you'd think wrong.

Here is a list of all of the things I desperately needed to look up during last night's Tech-Free Power Hour:


  • How much is an Austin Zoo membership?
  • I need a good meatloaf recipe
  • When did Paul Harvey die?
  • I need to make sure Smash is recording
  • L.E. wants a green train for her birthday. I must find this now.
  • What can we make with Swiss Chard, mushrooms and tatsoi?
  • What is tatsoi?
  • I need to find giant googly eyes
  • When is my next Birchbox coming?
  • Am I still friends with so-and-so on Facebook?
  • Hamlet the Mini Pig Goes Down the Stairs
  • L.E. and I are imagining a trip to Paris. What is the name of a good restaurant there?
  • What are my Blogger stats?
  • Did anyone comment on my last post?
  • How do I get Play-Doh out of a rug?
  • How do I get Play-Doh out of my hair?
  • Is there a Post Office nearby?
  • I saw this thing on Pinterest and I need to find it right now
  • Are those jeans at the Gap on sale yet?
  • What's up on Twitter?
  • Who do I want to see at SXSW?
  • Has my health insurance kicked in yet?
  • I heard an email ping. Who was it from? What did it say? Is it a book agent?
  • I need to find that one photo of L.E. where she's naked and playing the ukelele

So there you have it...the pathetic things I really needed to know when I couldn't reach for my phone or lappy.

Do you try a tech-free hour at home at all? If yes, what crazy things did you need to know but couldn't find out till later?


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