The Professional - Advanced | Media Training for Bloggers

Bloggers are offered television, radio, and print interview opportunities every day. Have you turned down opportunities because you don’t feel qualified or prepared? Have you accepted opportunities, and in the aftermath obsessed over what you should (or shouldn’t) have said, done, worn, etc? In order to make the most of these opportunities, you'll need to learn to think like a media professional, and learn to anticipate how a reporter or media outlet will try to position you and your message.  

BlogHer's all-star team of media mavens Elaine Wu (Marketing Communications Manager) and Julie Crabill (Owner, Inner Circle Labs) lead you through the proactive and reactive angles of media, to inform and empower you. Fine-tune your elevator pitch, get camera-ready, and learn how sound confident, prepared, professional–and like the smartest person in the room!