The Technological Classroom

When it was time for the College search fresh out of high school, it was obvious to start sending out letters to colleges and hoping that one would accept me and that I could begin my journey as a college student. I was so excited and I just knew that at some point, I would get that acceptance letter. I began to dream about what it be like to be a college student. Staying on campus, getting up early and walking across the campus on my way to class, learning new things and metting new people. Although, I did have a few concerns. Like what it would be like to live somewhere without my family and learning in a classroom again. Questions rose in my mind. "What would it be like to be in a classroom with other students, that this time, were from all over the country and around the world?" "Could I fit in and how long would it take before I would feel like I belong?" I wasn't sure, but I trying to build confidence in myself and it seemed to be working. Then, one day, I receive a reply. I was so excited and I began jumoing up and down, with excitement. But, unfortunately it wasn't the reply that I wanted. It was a rejection letter and the wind got knocked out of my sail. However, I remained optimistic. Meanwhile, other things began to arise in life. Around this time, my Grandmother started getting sicker and my Mom was working at night. I didn't want Grandma to be alone. And with Mom being the only one working, I felt horrible. I wasn't working and I needed a job and an affordable college to get into. But, somehow little did I know, that God was working it out on our behalf.  I found an excellent solution. I found an ad for a school called Penn Foster. I read about it and found out that it was a great option for people that have busy schedules and lives and wanted a valuable education. I got started with Penn Foster and enrolled in the Pharmacy Technician program and then I enrolled in two other programs before recently enrolling in my Bachelors in Business Degree. I am so incredibly happy with this school. It is extremely affordable and thorough. But, just like any other school, online college is difficult,too. It takes focus, determination and lots of hard work. You have to love it and stick with it in order to be successful. 

What's even more interesting to me, is that many campus universities require their students to participate in the online courses that the university offers in their respective course of study. These scores goes to towards their overall grades. Personally, it amazes me to see how popular online studies have become. People everywhere are enrolling universities online. And now, online universities are providing their students with even more opportunities, like being able to participate in the live commencement ceremonies and to travel and study abroad. It is so encouraging to know that anything that you want to do is possible. The same opportunities that only campuses could offer, are being spread internationally online! I am so proud of the progress that education is making. Yes, it's true, that we've got a long way to go. But, the only you can walk is if you first, make a step.


I would definitely recommend Penn Foster, if you're interested in an affordable way to earn your education without applying for financial aid, then this is clearly the option for you. But, I would encourage anyone that wants to go back to school or people that want something different, a unique challenge or just to test themselves. Trust me, if you want a test, you'll find it in online education. We are now living in a heavily technological age. Everything is technologically based. But, I will talk about my views on the technological era in another post. For now, for NaBloPoMo, this solution is one that I'm honored to share with you. I hope that those of you that are interested or those of you that knows people that are interested in online education, will check it out.