Technology and 7,800 miles

My 7,800 mile journey



There are very few times you get to road test a productsclaim. The mobile application Zhiing has, as it’s a motto “It’s a Big World,Don’t Get Lost”. On January 5th I set out on a trip across thecountry to attend the inauguration and film a documentary. Our group of 6 was in for a huge journey and we would be in places we have never been before and we needed every tool available to help. Jon Ziskind from Zhiing offered us technology to help with the trip. It would work on our iPhones.

I used my Zhiing app everywhere and everyday. There arethings that come up everyday while traveling:


-Where to eat?


-How to find the Hotel?

-How to find the people you are meeting for business (orfilming)

-How to find the rest of the group you are traveling with?

What I have learned about myself with technologyapplications is that they need to fit into my daily or weekly habits, makesomething quicker and simple that has annoyed me and be something I like sharingwith friends. So the only applications for my iPhone I used on my trip wereZhiing, Urban Spoon but then I would Zhiing to help me locate the place – Iwish Zhiing was part of Urban Spoon. The directions on Spoon are not very good.


After a week or so of using my Zhiing in all theseunfamiliar places I noticed that instead of arriving at a new place and feelinguncomfortable knowing that I had my application with me I felt more secure. Iam a proactive person and I like to know what’s happening and plan for it –this application was a great assistant for my style on the road.


We had one day on the trip when we could not use our Zhiing.It was the inauguration day and our group got separated on the Metro in D.C.The second group did not have the other iphone. Trying to find one anotherwithout the Zhiing in that crazy city was impossible. We had become use to justzhiinging one another. We met up hours later but I know we all had a newappreciation for easy Zhiing makes finding someone in strange city.


Returning home I see some app’s in the iTunes Store that doseparate functions of LBS needs. Finding you a cab etc. My wish list is forZhiing to put it all in one place for me. Using 5 different LBS app’s is notappealing.


It’s not very often you can test something on the road thisway – it was terrific and it actually works.


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