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Last week I took a 24-hour break from social media. Now for me, this is pretty big. I actively post on three sites and a few others less often. I dream about posting; I dream about having my Facebook page liked or unliked; I dream about gaining Twitter followers. Surely during the nighttime hours of sleep my mind could occupy itself with sweeter images than these. And yet… ...more
HumbledSeeker Thank you so much for your comment from 100 years ago! I changed the settings on ...more

If you're new to Twitter, allow me help!

This should help in getting 30,000 followers....more


 Happy 2016 and with the new year, my blog will take on a new look in the next few days. Join me in seeing the new direction it will follow. Times are changing and we have to change with the times. Guest bloggers and recipes along with a little inspiration from a get in my own face and tell it like it is blogger. HAPPY NEW YEAR and join me in a real world of how to eat healthier and what to do if you dare to be honest....more

An Over-50 Blogger's Perspective of BlogHer15

BlogHer15 was an incredible experience and I’m glad I went....more

My Blog Is Me, But I'm Not My Blog

I love.It's been an amazing week for Tales From the Motherland, and it's given me lots to think about....more

9 Reasons Numbered Lists Bug the Sh!t Out of Me:

Unless you don’t read, don’t watch TV, or live under a rock, you’ve seen a numbered list recently.They're everywhere! Every. Where! If you’re a blogger, as I am, or a reader of blogs and on-line “news,” current events sites, etc, then you probably come across one of these lists daily: 15 Mistakes New Cooks Make (um, they’re new cooks, right? Must we judge?); 12 Ways You Should Dress Like a Drag Queen (I’m sure there are reasons, but unless you’re a Drag Queen, why would you?)– you get the idea....more

10 Blogging Take Aways from Design Bloggers Conference 2014

Two weeks ago Christy, represented me at the Design Bloggers Conference in Atlanta.  We have attended the conference for three years now, and this year it was in the Southern city of Atlanta, Georgia.  I want to say a big thank you to Adam Japko and the Digital Sherpa team for providing yet another great conference filled with wonderful like minded peers....more

The Stupid Sister

Can I call your sister stupid?No? Does that bother you? I’m not sure why, seeing as how you don’t even like your her. You tell anyone who will listen and rarely go home for holidays. What? What was that? Oh, so you think your sister is stupid? So what’s the problem? Why is it that, even if you agree wholeheartedly with my sentiments, that it seems somehow inappropriate for anyone other than yourself to comment on the obvious lack of intellect with which your loved ones were gifted?...more

Keeping It Real

As I’m trying to work from home today, fighting a migraine and feeling suffocated and overwhelmed by life, my daily BlogHer newsletter arrived in my inbox.  In it, it asked “What have you never dared to admit on your blog?”....more
Honesty rules and so do you. Forget the negatives and do your thing. I say take a week to get ...more