More Research on Millennials and Social Media: Mobile's Hot, Twitter's Still Not

Pew Research took a look at teens and young adults and the trends in social media and mobile use among the youthful crowd. The catchword to identify this generation is "millennials," or the first generation to come of age in the new millennium. Pew first announced their findings on Twitter at @pewresearch earlier this month. Tweeting your research results is a trend in itself, but according to the Feb. 2010 report from Pew, it probably isn't something a young adult would do. ...more

I do use Twitter's DM feature for personal communication, and sometimes @ messages. ...more

Google Buzz: Will the Privacy #FAIL Overshadow the Tool's Potential?

Over past few months Google has been trying to secure their spot not just as the go-to search engine, but as a real player in social media. Google Wave and the Google Nexus One phone were cool options to the norm and just last week Google unveiled yet another new social media tool: Google Buzz. Buzz is one more way to share your thoughts, pictures, favorite articles, etc. with your friends. Unlike Wave and Nexus One, Buzz has not been well-received for one reason: privacy....more

1. For quite a while, I've desired a way to easily follow my friends' Google Reader ...more

Online Comment Bashing

I wanted to really get to this topic. I myself, have been a victim of "comment bashing". When I wan on twitter the other night, I noticed I wasn't the only mom blogger that this was happening to. It is a crucial issue that needs to be resolved. While there's nothing we can do about these harassing comments, we all need to get along and stop the bickering from one social media mom to another.I am not sure if any of you out there have been a victim of comment harassment, but it's time for this nonsense bullying to stop.*From one social media mom to another*...more

Me too , I have changed my account because of it. It sucks coz some don't respect others ...more

New Non-Profit "Emmies Hope" ...more

Love and The 2010 Winter Olympics

Moms who are passionate about new businesses

Hi there fellow mommy bloggers. Who out there has proposed to start their own business in 2010? I am betting more than half of of you! 2010 is a great year to start your own online business.So you're asking. What can I do? There's a lot you can actually do if you put your mind to it. Don't fall for those pathetic schemes "I make $60 hourly online through Google!" That's complete junk and don't fall for those. What I am talking about is really hard work but very rewarding. If you want to start your own business in 2010 here's just a few ideas......more

The Muppets Take Social Media

Picture yourself as you are driving in your car. A song by Queen hits the airwaves and you bang along to the beat on the steering wheel ... with your head. You've already guessed the name of that tune in two notes -- Bohemian Rhapsody. And if you've been around since 1992, you've either seen the movie or at least watched the MTV video of Mike Meyers and Dana Carvey in their pivotal roles as Wayne and Garth from the film Wayne's World....more

animal and fozy bear are the BEST! glad to see future generations will continue to enjoy the ...more

Momspotting: Dear Product Manager, Can You Make Me THIS?

This week in Momspotting, I noticed some cries for help to the captains of industry.If only. If only.Electrolux? Are you listening?...more

here is the vision:

Built in to an attractive watch/bracelet are a series of ...more

Autism: From Outrage to Activism

My son has autism. He's also quite lucky: he goes to a great school for students who need behavioral accommodations, is instructed by a teacher who both likes and understands him, and is supported by an extended team of curriculum supervisors, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and 1:1 aides. He has an iron-clad IEP (Leo cheat sheet and detailed Individualized Educational Plan), which everyone on his team constantly refers and defers to. ...more

Ange, thank you for thinking beyond your own family and taking action. Inspiring!

Beth ...more