Max's Blog: Thank you

My last day with my owners and loved ones January 8th 2010 6:53 pm ...more

It's so hard to lose our animal companions. And hard for me to read your posts. My cats lived ...more

Max's blog: Happy New Year! January 8th, 2010

Today---Is the last day I will be with my owners/family/friends January 8th 2010 8:31 am ...more

Max's blog:Animals who are sick

Sick December 31st 2009 ...more

Thoughts About Commenting

Heather of MaternalSpark recently made an excellent point tab about commenting that I hadn't thought about for quite a while.  She says:...more

I'm a new blogger and I too worry that I'll sound lame, or I feel that anything I'd have ...more

Younger and Older -- Crossing Generations Builds Astonishing Friendships

I went to a birthday party honoring a serious transition -- a landmark, and even for a successful young mother with three kids, it had an impact.  So what did her sweet husband do?  He made her a present, with the help of his 5 year old son.  I don't want to violate their privacy with a description; just know that it was something that only someone who knew her well, and loved her, could have given her....more

Crisis Camps - Tech Community Reaches Out to Haiti

If the political is personal, so too can the technological be....more

Alternative Hashtags for the Discerning Tweeter

In the social media system, undisclosed material relationships are considered especially heinous. In the blogosphere, the dedicated bloggers who investigate these vicious FTC infractions are members of an elite squad known as the Come on Dude, Get Real Unit. These are their hashtags....more

I'm so lost. Just figuring out Twitter. ...more

Republicans, Democrats and a Social Media Experiment

I'm going to conduct a social/social media experiment here and I would love it if you would play along.  Over the next few days I will post the following question on Facebook, blogs and Twitter to name just a few.  Please submit your comments and thoughts here or on those outlets....more

Happy is Hard

It’s hard to stay the course and true North when a Category 5 hurricane hits home! Let’s call it Mother. I’m bobbing and weaving, bobbing and weaving. Avoiding landmines in the living room and booby traps at the dinner table… And as if that weren’t hard enough, I started a whole body detox?...more

Food Blogs Sweep the 2010 Bloggies (Best Blog Awards)

It's an insidious plot. Food blogs are mounting a V-like alien invasion of the blogosphere. With soft words, we beguile, "We bring you butter and bacon. Life on blog will be forever better." Bearing dSLRs and 50mm lenses, we tempt. Cupcakes! Caramel! 'Tis no hoax, food bloggers aim to control -- take over! rule forever! -- the entire blog world. New evidence reveals that our nefarious plan is working. Just look -- look! ...more

Can it be better? No, defiantly not, this website delivers! Never found so much information in ...more