Helpful Tweeting

A lot of people within the social media world describe Twitter as a way to have a conversation and engage people. And while I agree with that, I think that’s a bit vague — what does it mean to “engage” people on Twitter? How do you have a “conversation” on Twitter? I’d like to piggyback on Christy’s post from Tuesday, which talks about finding and exchanging information via Twitter. That’s one good way to use the site, and I do it too. I did, however, want to draw attention to another example of a great way to use Twitter that happened to me last week....more

The Blog World Is Like High School

Jen @ Blog World is Like High School ...more

Planning Big For 2010

Now that we've reviewed 2009 it is time to look forward to 2010 and all the fabulous that we would like to ensue during the year ahead. And just because January 1 has come and gone, it is not too late to kick off your planning. ...more

Why you might wanna latch on to a few favorite book bloggers

Anyone who doubts the future of reading should digest what author John Green has to say on the subject in the January issue of School Library Journal. Although this periodical is written for public and school librarians, readers might want to take note. Green says librarians (and I say book bloggers) have a wonderfully important role in the future of reading, especially for children’s books. ...more

Denise, thanks for the comment! I am new to the BlogHer community and am still trying to ...more

Google Isn't Evil After All? Search Giant Threatens to Leave China

After uncovering what it says is a massive cyber attack, Google is threatening to pull its operations from China and will no longer censor its search engine in the communist nation. From the official Google blog: ...more

This was definitely a surprise given Google's previous "markets and money above principle" ...more

Women Are Equal — in Twitter

Wait! Before you think you don’t want to hear about “that Twitter thing,” as someone told me recently, I ask you to pause and listen to a story of exploration that put true meaning behind real-time education. If you are already part of the Twitter adventure, stick around. I’ve listed some great folks that you will want to follow as an individual interested in issues of importance to women and girls today and tomorrow. Last year at about this time I wrote a blog post, “Make New Friends,” that talked about social media, what it was, and how AAUW was using it. I had recently started using Twitter but had not made the time to explore this newish phenom that was starting to make headlines. Wanting to practice what I was preaching, I started making Twitter time and, before I knew it, I was learning more about women’s issues from other’s tweets than I ever did simply scanning the daily news. It was like having my own research team at my fingertips, with links to verifiable information. I also found myself continually taking action — contributing to causes, writing my congressperson via links, signing petitions....more

The BlogHer Community's Most Loved Posts of 2009

Ever wonder what's hot, really hot, with the BlogHer community? We can help: Introducing the BlogHer Community's Most Loved Posts of 2009. From Jimmy Carter to Cake Wrecks, your reading habits represent the diversity of interest that makes up our community. We'd love to know what you think of this list -- your faves? anything we missed? -- as we take a minute to reflect on BlogHer's biggest stories of 2009. ...more

I'm honored that one of my posts made the "most-loved for 2009" list, but I wrote that post ...more

I'm back

I wear a lot of hats like most of the women I know. But when my son was born last year my first time mom hat took over and blogging took a back seat. I feared spending too much time online because of the possibility of missing those beautiful moments off.  But after some time, I began to miss it.  I missed weighing in on the issues that are important to me and those that are simply matters of frivolity. And really, I came to see being a mom as manageable and not the  big scary world everyone had been warning me it was....more

Facebook and the FTC: Are Social Media Marketers Messing Up?

Are social media marketers implementing the new Facebook contest rules and meeting their obligations under FTC guidelines? Survey says: maybe not, or at least, not yet. Social media marketing -- a bit like the wild west of our imaginations -- a little bit glamorous, a little bit dangerous, and as practiced by some, perhaps just a little bit dirty. ...more