The Power of Face to Face

The power of social media to connect us across cyber spheres has changed the way we create community.  But there is nothing that can replace the energy, feedback, encouragement and emotional connections created through meeting face to face. We forget, through out interconnected, always "up," social online lives that facial expressions, body language, person to person electricity can only be fully experiences live and in person....more

Does Your Blog No Longer Fit You?

Except that I have realized lately that I seem to be telling a very different story from the one that I started to tell almost three years ago. Back then the story was about getting remarried and lots and lots of parenting. Principessa this, Principessa that. A little fitness thrown in here and there, but mostly, mom-mommy-parenting stuff. Which of course is not what I am writing about anymore. Or at least, not primarily. Which begs the Ciao Mom even the appropriate name of this space? ...more
I have been struggling with these same questions lately. Originally my blog was to promote my ...more

Should Older Women Use Money, Power and Sex to Entice Younger Men?

Most women do not realize that money - just like the promise of hot, raw sex - is a hell of an aphrodisiac.The powerful cocktail of money, power and sex make the women in possession of this mix irresistible to younger, inexperienced and vulnerable males.Well anyway, isn’t this the same type of attraction older, successful men project toward younger women? The very same way the promise of an easier life attracts a younger woman, normally out of an old coot’s league, is the same promise that attracts a younger man who is normally out of a prowling cougar’s league....more


-         T.S. Dickey, In-House Author & CommentaryAll of us had lives before we met our significant other and a summation of that life makes us who we are today.  Our habits, the way in which we communicate (or not) and the tendencies we have in our approaches to problem-solving are a direct result of the daily practice we learn when we maneuver our way through life’s experiences....more

Teens with a Passion for Pinterest: A Good Thing?

Whenever a new social network becomes popular, teens usually help boost its popularity into the stratosphere, and suddenly we modern parents have something else to worry about.  First we had to learn about MySpace and "chat rooms", then we were attending school seminars about Facebook, then it was Twitter, and now...Pinterest?...more

Living Large on Social Media!

Guilty as charged! I love looking at Pictures on Facebook,Twitter,Tumblr and so on….Although, I can’t stand the awful picture of me here and there and everywhere, I prefer to upload more pictures of my family than of me.  Talk about a crappy picture? But, since I load the pictures I thought I would share the one above, my husband nailed me,  sneaky guy!!...more
Hey there, Lucy! LOVE the photos. I'm that way as well. I love photos, don't care WHO is the ...more

My Dirty Little Blogging Secrets

My Dirty Little Blogging secrets.  I am not saying these are good, bad, right or evil.  Just saying I do them....more
Great post Lucy I'm glad you hit the publish button! I agree with you blogging is building ...more

Have We gone Crazy with Instagram?

 @Lucy's Reality I think I never thought about it, but I have found myself looking and ...more

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Call me Sadie. I'm so happy to meet you!...more