Just Trying to Get My Bang For My Buck Out of a Linky Party,don't we all like to enjoy a Party?

I feel it is only fair to follow up from last Friday!  I am starting with Feeling Beachie, Follow Friday Four Fill In Blog Hop ! Then Dandelion Wishes, I Confess! ...more
 @HomeRearedChef Oh, Linky Parties, are fun and work when people invest in them, the idea is to ...more

Don’t Pin Me Bro! The Saga Of Copyright and Pinterest

Republished from my blog here: https://aberrantcrochet.wordpress.com/2012/02/23/dont-pin-me-bro-the-saga-of-copyright-and-pinterest/ ...more

Ilina of Dirt and Noise: Involving Your Children in Your Political Passions

This month for the Why I'm Political series, interviewing bloggers about the issues that matter to them, I was pleased to talk with Ilina Ewens of Dirt & Noise. Ilina once wrote about having to explain to her two young sons the importance of President Obama signing the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act into law -- so I wasn't surprised that she had a lot to say about being a politically minded woman!...more

Holiday Blog Rant Party, You're Invited!

  December does not have to equal drama.Heads up, right from the first words, there are about 932 of you in my world that are going to read this and get bent out of shape because your drama isn't a drama, but a situation.  It's justified.  It's unavoidable.  It's not your fault.  It's this or that or you have a reason, an excuse, a big fat whatever.It's December 1st. ...more

can you listen to a song and write?

                                 Can I write and listen to music? Well, it depends on what's on the radio. I'm the type of person who prefers to hear soft music.I don't mean the volume either. It doesn't matter who wrote the song-I just like it nice and mellow.Sad songs from the eighties would work....more

How To Pin On Pinterest


The G+ Circle of Life

 Call me childlike, but some of the best metaphors are explored in movies....more

Social Media Living

Clearly having sick kids means I think a lot. Something I've been mulling over recently is the weird effect that social media has on my life. I put a lot out there. On this blog, on Twitter, on Facebook. I try to keep the Facebook and Twitter posts light and humorous, though typically about what I'm actually doing. The blog is my everything, an eclectic mash-up of my random life. What becomes weird for me is when they intersect. Or don't. For example, more than once I have been telling someone a story about something, only to be interrupted when they say, "I know....more


CREATE WHAT YOU NEED... Why I Blog ...more

It is nice to know you are still reigning over here! The world as we know it is changing and ...more

The Hierarchy of Social Media Marketing

Recently I gave a presentation to the Silicon Valley chapter of the American Disc Jockey's Association (ADJA) based on my own experiences using social media to market my businesses and causes. The one element of that presentation I'd like to share with other small business owners, advocates and hobbyists is why a blog post is always my preferred medium to publicize anything. ...more
You're absolutely right, Stacie. However, my YouTube channel is in my mix. I'll record a video ...more