The G+ Circle of Life

 Call me childlike, but some of the best metaphors are explored in movies....more

Social Media Living

Clearly having sick kids means I think a lot. Something I've been mulling over recently is the weird effect that social media has on my life. I put a lot out there. On this blog, on Twitter, on Facebook. I try to keep the Facebook and Twitter posts light and humorous, though typically about what I'm actually doing. The blog is my everything, an eclectic mash-up of my random life. What becomes weird for me is when they intersect. Or don't. For example, more than once I have been telling someone a story about something, only to be interrupted when they say, "I know....more


CREATE WHAT YOU NEED... Why I Blog ...more

It is nice to know you are still reigning over here! The world as we know it is changing and ...more

The Hierarchy of Social Media Marketing

Recently I gave a presentation to the Silicon Valley chapter of the American Disc Jockey's Association (ADJA) based on my own experiences using social media to market my businesses and causes. The one element of that presentation I'd like to share with other small business owners, advocates and hobbyists is why a blog post is always my preferred medium to publicize anything. ...more
You're absolutely right, Stacie. However, my YouTube channel is in my mix. I'll record a video ...more

Social Media and Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a huge topic and I'm not going to go in depth here, but let me just say that social media will blow you away with its capacity to improve organic search results. (Organic search results are listings that are not paid to be displayed.) I've done some un-scientific tests and found that Twitter posts show up in a Google Search within 15 minutes, and blog posts and comments are almost as fast. ...more

Trading Spaces: Bloggy Style

I was recently challenged by my real life friend & fellow blogger ( ) Heather, to come out of my comfort zone (do I have one yet?) and trade blog posts with another blogger....more

My 90-Day Challenge – Using LinkedIn to Prospect New Business

As a principal at Desert Rose Design, I have been responsible for cultivating and nurturing client relationships since our inception. Many of our best opportunities have come from networking and referrals from our client and prospect base network. As a growing agency in a difficult economy, we realized that we needed to broaden our relationship marketing efforts to thrive. ...more

How careful do teachers need to be online?

Dear Friend is a Verb, I am a teacher. A parent of a student of mine used a Facebook account of a friend of her child to log on and view my Facebook page. Because I had everything set to “Friends Only”, the only thing she could see was “Pages” I’d fanned, because this child was not one of my Friends.  She was highly offended by two or three of those and called to scream (yes, SCREAM) at my principal and demand my job. Two pages presented political views she doesn’t agree with and one had a swear word in the title.  ...more

Life's Ambrosia: Profile of a Seattle Food Blog

Say hello to Deseree, a 20-something food blogger from Seattle who "cooks and eats" and relies on her talented husband to "shoot and eat" for her food blog celebrating the "food of the gods." ...more

She always has dishes that look very appealing to me!


Are Bigger Bloggers Obligated to Help Smaller Bloggers?

I have this rather bad habit of playing devil's advocate for the sake of discussion. And I am going to stick on my Jezebel horns and do a little bit of that today. I had a post syndicated on BlogHer about jealousy and blogging that sparked some AMAZING response and discussion. It took an interesting turn when this comment popped up: ...more
@GalitBreen Super interesting. I'm 2 lazy 2 login on my phone but I'd say it's like life. Nice ...more