Want Equal Rights? Truth Is - Just Take Them!

"If women want any rights more than they's got, why don't they just take them, and not be talking about it." —Sojourner Truth, former slave, abolitionist, Methodist minister, and early U.S. women’s rights leader...more

Cookin' Canuck: Profile of a Food Blogger with Canadian Roots

Say hello to Dara Michalski, she's a Canuck (that is to say, she's a Canadian) and she's a cook. That's makes her the Cookin' Canuck. I think you'll love her food blog! ...more

Great profile of Cookin' Canuck! And, early congratulations on your first year of blogging. ...more

My Blog Has Gone International

I started my personal blog in January and joined Blogher a week and a half ago.  All that time and effort has finally paid off.  Thanks to one Canadian reader, I can now say my personal blog is international.  (Sarcasm aside, I am really excited about it.)...more

I'll have to check out statcounter.  I didn't really do any research, just set up the ...more

Are Mom Bloggers ethical?

  Now, before you get your panties in a bunch, I am not against mom bloggers. I am a mom blogger myself and blog almost everyday at www.thismamasays.com. I created this entire web site based off some content I had read online about how “unethical” mom bloggers are becoming.   ...more

Please Rob Me and How the Internet Affects Privacy

Back in college, no one had cell phones. Google had yet to be invented. Social media sites didn't exist and even basic online journaling was still years away. Yet people always knew where to find me. If I wasn't in my apartment, people knew I was in one of five places: (1) Espresso Royale coffee house, (2) the literary magazine office, (3) my art lab, (4) Hillel, or (5) the library. ...more

I'd rather have the freedom of being the weirdo who doens't do anything online (even though I ...more


Hi everyone!  This is a first post for me.  I'm just trying to figure out how things work around here ha!  So many buttons to push and things to note, I'm just stumbling around!  If anyone can offer some helpful hints, I'd sure appreciate it! Tina @ Enchanted Rose Studio...more

The first best place to look is in the Using This Site section (top right corner) to learn ...more

Exposure is 'The New Black?'

I nominate anyone out there in cyberspace to become the president of the BLOGGERS’ union we’re all going to start.  Do I have a second for this nomination?  Or a name for either the candidate or the union?  How about BOOB...Best Official Outraged Bloggers as the name of our union?  Think of all the male members we would get Why start a bloggers union?...more

Building your brand on Facebook


Sappho Speaks: Best New Blog - The Fix Is In!

What Would Sappho Say? Lectori Salutem! or L.S. (Greetings to the Reader!) First. let me just say up front I AM INDEED, a SORE LOSER when the odds don't seem to have been even going in at the Lezzy Awards over at The Lesbian Lifestyle from the get go. I had no huge expectation going in as the winner in the Best New Blog category since I launched at the end of November 2009 giving me hardly three months to collect a following. I have to say it was a shock that I made it into the final three. Once there, however, I came to believe my competition would be other singular blogs as the word in the award is BLOG and that some voters might actually review each if they were not familiar with them before making their pick....more

hi, i know i'm a little late to this post.

my name is riese. i'm the editor-in-chief of ...more

Thursday Morning

Good morning sister bloggers...it's Thursday (AKA Thor's day) and I have an MRI this afternoon. *SCREAM* I hate MRIs wirth a passion, I hate feeling like a piece of bologna in a steel plate sandwich. (Yes ladies I am claustrophobic) I have to have all my jewelry off, partial dentures out and I feel very naked that way. My teeth keep me from looking like a refugee from a boxing ring and my necklace, earrings, rings and bracelets keep me from feeling exposed...if that makes any sense at all. ...more