Less Breast = Fuller Life! -Surgeon and Procedure

The more I've considered reconstructing my nipples, as opposed to skin grafting them, the more I like the idea.  I worry about the ethics of getting areolas tattooed on, and I ask the opinions of others who share my values and beliefs.  The answer is unanimous:  Go for it!  Having a free nipple graft will increase the amount of work of caring for the wound, dressing it, and making sure my darlings don't bump or smash it.  And after a few weeks of that, heaven forbid I might lose some or all of them anyway! ...more

Less Breast = Fuller Life! -Insurance & Surgeons

Saturday, February 20, 2010 Today is actually Day 5 of my recovery.  But I want to tell the whole story, because I've been in active pursuit of this surgery since September 2009, and the insurance approval was a little bit of a bumpy battle.  This is a novel of a monologue, but for those seeking an insurance-covered breast reduction, I'm going to post it anyway.  The process of choosing a plastic surgeon, getting insurance approval, etc. etc. ...more

Everyone needs an Alice!

Web 2.0 has really revolutionized the way we do things. Everything you can think of is done over the internet these days whether it's finding out about all the latest products to neat little gadgets to help us simplify our daily lives.On another topic, I found out about Alice.com and I really wanted to share that with many mom bloggers. Feel free to check it out and tell me what you think!Check out Alice! "this mama says" reviews & giveaways www.thismamasays.com...more

The Dr. OZ Show!!

Dr. OZ is kind and warm. What a great Dr. ...more

Alexa Toolbar Benefits

I’ve been doing some blog tweaking lately.  Recently I’ve installed the Alexa toolbar.  Apparently it’s working out well as my Alexa rating has been steadily decreasing.  Also, I’m toying with the idea of switching to the Thesis theme, even though I’m not too good at coding....more

Mumsnet and Political Ads: U.K. Politicians Court Mommy Bloggers

The U.K.-based site, Mumsnet, is hosting what could shape up to be the Gladiator of all online political advertising battles: The quest for the mom blogger vote. From Advertising Age magazine:...more

How to self-promote (without looking like a total jerk)

When you are a serious blogger you have to promote yourself and your brand....more

I've wanted to go to the Blogher Conference for years and years... I just haven't figured out ...more

What Does the Dad Badge Really Mean?

Jake Tapper is the Senior White House Correspondent for ABC News.  He’s a pretty big deal. I follow him on Twitter, as do 39,559 other people. Although his Twitter page has a strapping picture of the reporter on duty in front of the White House, Tapper’s Twitter badge, his personal stamp, is a photo of him cradling his two little kids: a toddler and a newborn. It is such a tender photo, and you could never imagine Walter Cronkite (if he had a Twitter page) using such an image as his calling card....more

My nephew has a smart business mind, and a great dad, my niece was really blessed. His FB ...more

Twitter and the Mardi Gras Effect

Givin It Up: Twitter and the Mardi Gras EffectWhen I blogged on Mardi Gras that I was contemplating giving up sex for Lent (for the second year in a row), I had no idea the prospect would be met with such keen interest....more

Congratulations #BlogHer5 Winners! Five Free Passes to BlogHer '10 Go To...

We're excited to announce the winners of five free passes to BlogHer '10 as part of BlogHer's 5th Anniversary Celebration....more

Congratulations to all of the winners.  See you in August!

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