The Daily 5-Minute Dance Party!

What’s a great way for you and your kids to have fun together, while allowing them to be their unique selves and express themselves physically? The Daily Five Minute Dance Party! Get some fun music to play anywhere that is safe in your house, turn it up, and start dancing with your kids. ...more

Planet Matters Water Filtration Bottle: Gets 2.5 Green Purse Awards

What's stopping you from using a reusable water bottle ...more

Biodegradable Golf Balls and Tees Offer Best Options - But Don't Forget to Take Care of the Greens, Too

Golf seems like such an innocuous sport, but it can have a  ...more

BlogHer of the Week: PPR, from This So-Called Post-Post-Racial Life

PPR showed readers who think we have a clear view of the complexities of race in a black woman's career that there's still grime on our lens. ...more

 Thanks and thanks again Sisters! It is so great to get this kind of nod from such an ...more

Help getting started

I'm new at this blogging stuff. Would like to keep informed and participate in Mommy and Family and Technology and Internet topics, but can't figure out how to set that up. How do I join groups? Also, in choosing tags do I choose just one category or can there be more than one?  Under the category, it says please use one or more tags, but I'm only able to highlight one. Help?! Jackie Pettus ...more

On BlogHer, you've written two (great) blog posts and as far as I can tell, you've done it ...more

GOTTA GIVE GREEN GIFTS for dear ol' dad!

In honor of Father's Day, we're running a series on personal care just for men. We kick it off with this post on clean and "green" shaving, by Katie Kelleher and Diane MacEachern. ...more

What's in a NAME?

Is it just me or is there a trend toward 50's-70's  girls names making a comeback? I have heard about more new baby Tracy's, Lisa's, Jody's,  Mary Sue's and Patty's over the last few months than Madison, Ellie, Lauren, Jenna, Abby, Isabella and names that have topped the charts in the last  two decades. I'm curious if I just noticed this or if you are noticing the same thing?  Marianne ...more

BlogHer of the Week: Mom-101

Did you know we have a woman on the inside in the roiling debate over how bloggers work with marketers, write about products and disclose advertising relationships to readers? If you've ever read her blog, you've likely figured out that Mom-101 has a day job. What you may not know is that Blogger Liz Gumbinner is a pro advertising writer with an inside line on what marketers and ad agencies really think of social media, of blogging, of paid reviews, and, yes, of "mommybloggers." ...more

I spend way more hours every day thinking about the topics we're discussing here than I ...more

Structure timing and untouched journey's [Essence of Vita

Tuesday, Jan 27 2009 Structure timing and untouched journey's [Essence of Vita ] -  ...more

Weisure Time – Can You Have It All And All At Once?

Work Time +  Leisure Time = Weisure Time.* Weisure rhymes with seizure, and I hope that that will not be the result of this crazy lifestyle of weisure that we created for ourselves. Basically, “weisure” is the loss of distinction between our work and leisure time. As we have more work than ever to do (and the economy doesn’t help) in combination with the ever increasing capacity of technology, it has become easier than ever to let our work slide into our leisure time. Our oh so smart phones contain our link to the rest of the world ...more