BLOGS are US We are Bloghers here us sing with pleasure

Sunday, Jul 01 2007 BLOGS are US [ Vita's Healthy Banquet] -  vitalingus - @ 11:46:am Where did the word BLOG originate, from? A guy called ...more

My childhood affected my future

I am so excited about getting this thats been weighing on my heart for so long, I can't wait to just know how God will use this to help me. I will start from the begining, this story is like many that are kept in secret and never revealed. It hold deep and very dark confessions that I think I was the only one to struggle with and I hope to find light at the end of this dark tunnel that has held me captive ever since I can remember. ...more

I Love Blogging...Yet Another Reason!

I've been contemplating why it is exactly that I love to blog so much. Given that I don't get paid from it and my writing has been 'lifted' a few times (it's appeared in the Washington Post, Nickelodeon Magazine, and some newspaper in Houston?!) I would venture to wonder just exactly why I keep keepin' on... ...more

Earth Promise: Organic? In This Economy?

If you ask someone why they eat organic, they will most probably engulf you with reasons: tastes better/fresher; better for the environment (no pesticides means healthier soil, water and wildlife); supports small farmers; too much trucking/shipping involved to receive the food; and the top reason: better for your health. ...more

Good W/omen making a difference [Vita's Guests] vitalingus - @ 10:32:am

Good W/omen making a difference [Vita's Guests] vitalingus - @ 10:32:am Part 3 interview with LIZA of Culture Kitchen. W/OMEN'S VOICES USING SOCIAL MEDIA AS A TOOL Women networking, consuming and producing in the 21st century... /p> VITA How have things changed for bloggers since the advent of media owned blogging sites? LIZA The game has changed, especially in the last two years.58% of blogs out there may well be w omen's blogs Yet if 90% of the traffic is only going to just 10% of those blogs.. Given that 10% is not only being funded by big ...more

BlogHer of the Week: Schmutzie

For a variety of reasons, real and imagined, I tend to be extremely aware of my surroundings at all times. While I'm completely unobservant about landmarks, geographical markings, directions (hence my love for my GPS) I'm always keenly aware of people. And the dark shadows where they may be lurking. I'm aware of it literally, when I walk city streets, and I'm aware of it figuratively. There's a word for that, and I think this week's BlogHer of the Week, Schmutzie, knows it too... Hypervigilance: /hy·per·vig·i·lance/ (hi″per-vij´ĭ-lans) ...more

Vita's professional Boundaries

Monday, Sep 25 2006 Fair play & clear communication [Vita's Rules/ ...more

Swishing our tails and rasing our voices Liza and Vita Part 2

Swishing our tails and rasing our voices [Vita's Guests] -  vitalingus - @ 04:37:pm Part 2: from Liza the publisher and one of the team at ‘culture kitchen’. Liza talks to me about 21st century women creating change. The influence and the impact these women are having as ‘consumer ...more

Liza interview part 1-Liza a president in waiting

Who's voices are being heard? [Vita's Guests] -  vitalingus - @ 04:21:pm Culture Kitchen Publisher and writer Liza Sabater, talks to VITA on life in the politically charged blogsphere world.... ...more

vita means life vita means business

Loving Vita clients [Vita's Clients] -  vitalingus - @ 08:25:am   ...more