If my husband can quit smoking, then I can quit chocolate (I hope.)

Hi! I am new to this blogging thing, so bear with me.  ...more

BlogHer of the Week: Momtrolfreak

When momtrolfreak and her friend, Penny, were about to become moms, they vowed to uphold an ideal similar to that with which they grew up ... well, listened to anyway, on vinyl when they were kids. The songs from the album "Free to Be You and Me." Those who had the record--remember the hot pink cover?--might remember some of the song lyrics. "It's alright to cry..." "William wants a Doll! William wants a doll!" ...more

Jory & the BlogHer team:

Just wanted to say thanks for the shout-out, it's been a ...more

BlogHer of the Week: Conversion Diary

There's a nutty truth to human nature -- mine anyway. Here it is: Even when I have a roof over my head, healthy loved ones, plenty to eat, my father isn't trying to sell me and I don't live in a war zone... Sometimes? I whine. In Escape from "If Only!" Island, Blogger Jennifer F goes owns that human weakness, even going so far as to subtitle her post, "On My Staggering Inability to be Grateful". She writes: ...more


 I would like to send you a personal message, but couldn't find your e-mail ...more

Where the GIRLS are

Hi, just introducing myself here: I'm a middle-aged feminist, very much into gender and relationship issues. I'm a lesbian who spent quite a few years quietly closeted. If the "devifemme" blog has any over-arching purpose, it's to allow me to play at girls and sexuality in a soft, non-polemical way. The blog is four years old (in 2009), and features photos of interesting ladies from Flickr, mainly self-portraits. I scribble little tributes to the particular shots and photographers -- with whom I've previously emailed re permission to show their work. ...more

BlogHer of the Week: tangobaby

We didn't select this post because it inspired a TV news segment, or even because it has placed a woman and her children in a safe place, away from violence for a night or two (while they are safe, there's still more to be done). ...more

I'm so grateful for the exposure and attention we've been getting from BlogHer. Thank you so ...more

Earth Promise: How Green is Your Grocery Purchasing Thought Process?

Think about it: you are grocery shopping and are deciding between your conventional-brand detergent and an environmentally friendly brand. ...more

Earth Promise: Composting 101

Composting.  I have to admit, it frightens me: the thought of our food scraps rotting in the scorching Florida sun just seems to be asking for a family of raccoons and other nocturnal rodents to invade and feast.  The more I research and people I talk with, I’ve discovered that your plants, flowers and shrubs are only as healthy as the soil that sustains them.   Organic materials ( i.e. ...more

BlogHer of the Week: Life Just Keeps Getting Weirder

There are some experiences that we women share. Some things that act as the great equalizer. Eventually, if you make it far enough in life, you too will face (ominous music plays): The Mammogram! ...more

OK this is a most excellent post.  Funny, but true... and I am slowly procrastinating knowing ...more

Mom Promoting Moms.

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