Women birth the world

Monday, Aug 25 2008...more

Poking Around the Vermont Country Store Catalog, or The Vibrator Essay

The latest issue of the Vermont Country Store catalog had the most surprising two-page spread. ...more

BlogHer of the Week: Heart & Home

Last night a young man was pulled from the rubble in Haiti after eleven days. Eleven days. This following the rescue of a 7-year-old boy and his 10-year-old sister after eight days. If you're like me, you can barely imagine what any of them went through. All those days. In the dark. With little or nothing to eat or drink....more

Mommy and Daddy's wedding weekend

Wedding weekendDecember 16th 2009 7:49 am ...more

Blogging Virgin Often Qualifies for Senior Discounts

 I decided to learn about and begin blogging for a couple of reasons. I need to keep my brain challenged by learning new things.  I want to understand the challenges my daughter is facing as a parent in this constantly changing world where technology has created an entirely different environment for her to be parenting in than what I was faced with raising her and her sister. ...more

My Love Affair with Owls & knick knacks

So as you know, or some of you may not actually know, I love owls.I love them because they seem magical in a sense, they are so striking to look at, and I find them adorable. They have the coolest eyes and wings andWhen I think back to when I was a kid I was always intrigued by them (especially that owl in Labyrinth, haha) but the last 2 years or so , I started to draw them and now I can't get enough of them.I have over 20 drawings of owls and lots of knick knacks etc......more

BlogHer of the Week: Vanilla Garlic

Our BlogHer of the Week is more commonly known in the blogosphere for how he can apply storytelling to things simple and often very sweet (see his recipe for Maple Sweet Potato Cake to see what I mean). When applied to personal tragedy his prose remains skillful and evocative, but is heartbreaking.  ...more

I can't imagine. I really can't. One of my friends had their apartment burn down, though a ...more

The fast track toward homelessness

I have $10.77 to my name and four children to feed. My net worth was 20 more , until I realized a calculation error I had made in forgetting about the money I had put in my Gas tank days prior. I wonder if this is what the fast track to homelessness looks like. For the last two years I have robbed Peter to pay Paul. Yes, I live in a middle class home....more

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