Ethical Castaways – A Blog Noir Tale of Content, Respect and Responsibility

It was a dark and stormy night at the Castaway Bar and Grill. Mookie the bartender was polishing the beer into the counter top as he bounced to a remix of Baby Got Back and Feelings. You could hear the barflies drink gulps of regret as they caught threads of Twitter static. It gave me the creeps; watching them hope for redemption in the tweets of possibilities. And then she walked through the door. ...more

i had so much fun reading this. love and admire creative talent. and it was educational to boot. ...more

Getting into open source software... why is it so darn hard?

I am not dumb. I have worked on DNA scanners (slide: DNA helix). I've worked on gadgets that went into airplanes and race cars (slide: me in a flame suit sliding into a NASCAR though the window). I've seen my work on Target's shelves when I did children's toys (slide: toy). I've had my own company (slide: logo) and I gave it up to make a gizmo that fights crime (slide: me, in pink sweater, firing AK47). I've done really cool stuff. I have written articles and hold patents. I have a blog (slide: dead plant). <!--break--> ...more

BlogHer '09 General Session Video is Here...Including the Community Keynote!

The wait is over. Following are the videos of each BlogHer '09 general session. You'll laugh; you'll cry; you'll think; you'll see your favorite blogger read their most amazing blog post; you'll see Tina Brown ask you to give her your business card; you'll see Ezter Hargittai and danah boyd obliterate our assumptions about today's teens and tweens. ...more

How does one go about getting a sponsor for BlogHer '10? Any tips?more

Green Baby Steps at BlogHer '09

Some of my favorite green bloggers were on the green team for BlogHer this year in an attempt to 'green up' the conference a bit.  BlogHer is a mighty big conference (over 1400 attendees I believe) and I can't imagine how hard it must be to organize the thing, much less worry about the environmental impact.  Kudos to BlogHer management for listening to the green team and putting some smart green initiatives in place this year! ...more

Thanks for posting this, Micaela.  I too am wondering conferences can get the funding to ...more

BlogHer09 Virgin: Better Than Swag, Business Cards

Some people at the BlogHer09 conference went mad for the swag. BlogHer Conference virgin that I was, I missed prime swag opportunities, I've been told. But seriously, I have pack rat issues already. Me and swag would have been a dangerous thing. Business cards, however--that's a different story. At the other end of a BlogHer business card is rarely a major corporation trying to sell you a tangible product. It's a woman saying "This is who I am" or at least how I want you to see me at this moment in my life. ...more

I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you. :-) Next year, New York! 


I went to a party and a conference broke out: My Blogher09 recap

(Note: I apologize for the weird line breaks in this post. I can't seem to fix them!) I've needed a week to digest my first Blogher experience. Bottom line: Blogher09 was a mixed bag for me. ...more

Lynn @ human, being

After spending 2 hours today ...more

Women of Color and Marketing: The room, the session and when will the conversation end

Whenever I write something and put my thoughts out there I feel pretty done with it. Like that thing that was taking up all of this valuable space in my brain is now out and I no longer think of it. Such as it was with a post from two years ago; a brief recap of the events that occurred during the State of the Momosphere session during BlogHer 2007. ...more

You, Karen, Stefania and Kelly really did a terrific job. Thank you!

Lisa Stone

Conflict Resolution Skills For Adults Acting Badly

It has been a summer of adults getting themselves into trouble verbally or socially. And no, I’m not necessarily talking about Crowley, Gates or Obama. Here is the deal. I became angry with myself. In one social situation where you would think I’d blow a gasket I was calm and rational. In another situation two days later I acted in anger at the mention of two words. ...more

The internal scripts and roles we take on are complex. Who we are, who we think we are and who ...more

From OSCON to BlogHer!

This week I bounced from a technical conference in San Jose, all the way to BlogHer in Chicago, and I'd like to highlight some of the great talks and the women I met at both conferences! ...more

Thanks for sharing your experiences, Liz.  I was really keen to get to OSCON but they didn't ...more

My First BlogHer Conference

I went to my first BlogHer conference this past weekend in Chicago.  Wow—what an experience!  I met the most amazing bloggers and learned so much from them. My favorite portion of the conference was the BlogHer Community Keynote, where several bloggers were given the opportunity to read the most beautiful and moving posts of the year. The critical take-home points for me from BlogHer ’09 were: ...more

Thank you, Denise.  I'll do that.more