Three Things I Love About You: Get Geeky, Find a Room of Your Own (Part Nine)

In just a few short weeks, the Geek Lab and Room of Your Own polling systems will shut down and panel selections will begin. Have you submitted your ideas for inclusion in the BlogHer '09 session agenda? It's not too late to submit a proposal, pimp your idea out on your blog, on Twitter, or anywhere else (hey, even your own mom can vote for your suggestion!), and watch as the BlogHer community responds.  I've combed through the proposals we've received so far, and highighted a few you might want to take note of. Take a look after the jump!    ...more

Three Things I Love About You: Get Geeky, Find a Room of Your Own (Part Eight)

These days, everything is customizable - whether you're buying a new computer, ordering a meal or getting clothes tailored - nearly everything custom-fits us and our lifestyles. And BlogHer '09 is no different. How? Well, besides offering 24 pre-programmed sessions on our agenda, we're holding two full tracks (that's 12 sessions!) of Room of Your Own panels. PLUS we're offering two full days of non-stop geeking and technology help in our Geek Lab. What's more, we're asking YOU to help us customize the agenda by voting on your favorite session proposals.   ...more

Hi Myrna, 

Here is a link to the blog badge - is that what you meant? If not, email me ...more

Bar Camp Nigeria

... based on the 'un-conference' style of similar Bar Camps, like those in Kenya and Tanzania. An un-conference is an informal gathering of professionals and enthusiasts for a period of learning and sharing. It differs from the typical conference where information generally flows from presenters to participants, and rather takes a more participatory approach. This will be the first Barcamp held in Nigeria and the details are: Date: Saturday, April 25 2009 ...more

Sex and Disability panel from the SexTech conference

This week I went to the Sex::Tech conference in San Francisco hosted by ISIS. The Access Sex panel was on sex education, sexual health, and people with disabilities. I thought the BlogHeristas might like to see my detailed notes on the panel - it was largely about women's sexual health and sex education, and it also might intersect with our parenting community, since BlogHer has a strong group of mom bloggers who are parents of kids with special needs. ...more

hey, i love what you have to say. whether it's sex or travel, or whatever, people with ...more

BlogHer '09 and Sponsored Bloggers: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You may have seen the talk...on blogs, on Twitter, on BlogHer's very own Chatter: Some BlogHer '09 attendees have successfully garnered sponsorship of some kind to help them cover the cost of attending BlogHer '09 this year. In the past there have always been a few attendees, usually with long-standing relationships with the sponsoring companies, who have been sponsored in this way. This year, quite a number of BlogHers got a lot more creative about obtaining personal sponsorship, and we couldn't help but notice. ...more

Thanks for this info. It's very helpful. :) I fwd'd it on to my sponsor (Stonyfield Farms). ...more

Three Things I Love About You: Get Geeky, Find a Room of Your Own (Part Seven)

There's just over a month remaining before polling shuts down in the Geek Lab and Room of Your Own sessions. Have you participated yet? Whether you're keen on sharing your passions with others, or love using your voice to help plan conference sessions, we need your help! There's still time to propose ideas and vote on panels, so follow the links in this post and visit the polls today! ...more

Technology News for Short Attention Spans

A few news flashes about the week in technology for those who only need the high points. There was a gathering of about 10,000 close friends who wanted to discuss technology in Austin last weekend. You may have noticed a few BlogHers writing about SXSW. If you missed the whole thing, you can find Podcasts and Videos of the talks at the SXSW site. BlogHer posts about SXSW include - Not Eating Out in New York ...more

when you realize that Sarah is the master of technology and seeing her doing something analog is ...more

How Was YOUR Trip to SxSW?

Thanks for asking, mine was AWESOME. And awful. And overwhelming. And awesome, again. I walked out on half a dozen sessions that I found self-indulgent or just plain boring. I sat in other sessions on the edge of my chair, transfixed. I was hungry, stuffed to bursting, hungry again, and almost always insufficiently hydrated. I walked a million miles in the oh so maddening Austin Convention Center, only to walk a million miles back again, carrying a pack that was much too heavy from schlepping around the laptop, the SLR, and something like 90 pounds of paper. ...more

Good lord, am i that old?

I was in the music biz long ago and would regularly attend ...more

Three Things I Love About You: Get Geeky, Find a Room of Your Own (Part Six)

So this summer you're going to BlogHer with a thousand of your closest friends (okay, fine - maybe they're not all your closest friends yet, but just wait until the end of the conference, when you're giving last hugs goodbye and hoping you run into more BlogHers and BlogHims while at the airport). We undestand that while you're at the conference, you want to make sure you get the most bang for your BlogHer buck. And that's why we create so many different types of sessions each year, so we can make sure there's something for everyone. Between the Geek Lab, which is perfect for both advanced bloggers with technical interests and new bloggers with tons of questions, and the Room of Your Own track, where attendees speak out about what they're most passionate about, BlogHer '09 is serving up LOTS of bang. And just to whet your appetite, I've outlined a few of the Geek Lab and Room of Your Own sessions below. ...more

jes, thanks for highlighting my session proposal.

As bloggers we're all pitched to and ...more

Travelbloggers Represent in Austin at SxSW

It's hugely exciting to have had the opportunity to speak about travelblogging at SxSW, but it's possible that the most existing moment during Blog Highways was when we walked into the room and found it full to overflowing. My partner, Sheila Scarborough and I, could not have been more delighted with the turn out. Travelbloggers, represent! ...more

For anybody who knows a student about to study abroad or a young traveler on a budget, a new ...more