Best Tech Gadgets You Can Present As a Gift

There is a perfect technological gift for everyone, regardless of their level of technological know-how. From the desperate geek in your life to even the most technologically challenged, our tech-gift picks cover USB cables, game consoles, high-end laptops, and everything in between....more

Women and the Tech Industry: Closing The Gap

Technology is typically a male-dominated industry, but this is starting to change as we move into 2017. The current rate of males to females owning tech-based start-ups is close to a 70-30 split, which is better than some industries but still shows how far we have to go.Creating and selling tech for women...more

5 Gadgets To Style Your Home This Christmas

It is amazing that we are so dependent on technology these days. People are trying to make their lifestyles better by adapting to new life changing gadgets. Every new gadget promises better outcomes and ensures comfort. Slowly and gradually, we become so addicted to these new gadgets that our lives seem to be impossible without them. Here is a list of some of these gadgets which beautify your house and ensure outstanding outcomes.Lock Your Door through Pattern based Lock...more

Best Gadgets to Boost Your Golf Game

When the Future was Floppy

Who remembers the 5 1/4 floppy disks? One of the initial storage mediums that were introduced. I had boxes full of them, mostly stored with games. The days we used to work in c prompt! Then along came the 3 1/2 disks and we marveled at the shrunken size and increased capacity (if I remember correctly)....more

Electric Peanut Butter Maker

As a huge peanut butter lover this looks like a good idea for a first post on this blog. I found this useful appliance at and wanted to share. It allows you to make yummy peanut butter at your home in munutes. How cool is that, huh?...more

Next Level Lazy

I follow some Pinterest boards dedicated to cool gadgets and interesting technology. Lately, a few of them have become overrun with devices marketed as time-savers, but actually, they’re just, “Things you’d buy if you were too lazy to deserve life.” I ask myself time and time again, “Are we that lazy?!” And when I say we, I mean you....more

Do Gadgets Help Kids?

There are a few universal expressions that every parent has uttered since the dawn of time. “Boy, they sure grow up fast,” is likely a contender for the number one spot for parents of older children. On the other end of the spectrum (ie. parents of young children), it's likely, "things were a lot simpler back when I was a child."...more

The IQ alarm clock: No snooze button - you have to answer brain teasers!

Disclaimer: I'm not endorsing this alarm clock. I've never used it. I just think it sounds very cool (although, possibly quite annoying if the questions are too hard!).It's not exactly new. In fact, the article I ran across was from 2011. But it's new to me....more

Which Tech and Gadget Trends Do You Think Are the Most Exciting?

If you love tech and the latest electronic gadgets, we are living in absolutely amazing times. On any given day, you can use an iPad app to scan the celestial stars in the sky or a Kindle Fire HD tablet to watch stars of the Hollywood variety walk the red carpet in streaming video. Forbes has predicted that by 2014, more than 70 billion mobile apps will be downloaded from app stores every year....more