The Gadgets of 007 Count for Math Around Here

What is fun about trying to enhance the educational process for my kids, without a real agenda, is that things tend to unfold based on what we talk about over dinner. Tonight, we got into a discussion about spy gadgets, devices, secret compartments, and innocent looking things that turn out to be weapons. Pretty soon, the boys were coming up with their own ideas of sinister designs. I thought it would be fun to look at a video on YouTube that explained some of the more memorable gadgets of James Bond. We found this one....more

Pick The Top Inventions From The Past 100 Years

The women in the BlogHer community tend to be very digitally savvy compared to the average woman. We love our smart phones and our laptops and our tablets (especially the iPad). We love our e-readers, shopping online, blogs, and social networks. There are also plenty of BlogHers who geek out to the space program, or hybrid cars, or watching the latest popular TV series (Downton Abbey, anyone?) on their HDTVs. ...more
I'd add one not on this list: antibiotics. Penicillin was invented in my eldest sister's ...more


The vast majority of the hours in most of my days are spent connected to one electronic device or another. I wake up in the morning and turn off the sleep stopwatch on my fitbit, then reach for my iPad to retrieve my e-mail, scroll through my Facebook feed, and see what's happened in the world since I last checked in. ...more

Let me introduce - the 'dope' of all gadgets

The last two weeks have been gadget-tastic mate. Literally three of the bundles of joy have passed through my sweaty palms. In fact thinking about the order they arrived, it was a bit of a gadget crescendo. In metaphorical terms they were dope, ketamine (or whatever that drug is that makes dobbin's go to sleep) and crack. So without further ado, let me introduce you to the dope of my new gadgets ....... ...more

That’s A Wrap! CES 2012, Smart and Connected

In spite of a lack of ground-breaking news, CES 2012 put a stake in the ground for the tech trends we’ll see in the coming year and beyond. Smart this, smart that. Gadgets unveiled at this year’s big dance focused on one thing: connected. We want anywhere, anytime access to our digital lives, in and out of the home, so this year at the International Consumer Electronics Show, everything seemed to be billed as smart and connected....more
@KarenLynnn I know! I can't wait for the prices to come down. The SMART TVs are awesome, too. ...more

Which Electronic Gadget Is On Your Holiday "Wish List" This Season?

All of our research studies confirm that the BlogHer community is more digitally savvy than the total online population.  We have the women (and the moms) that find their lives greatly enhanced by laptops, smart phones and tablets.Since BlogHer women are the authorities when it comes to consumer electronics, we want you to tell us which ones you think are the hottest, most coveted items.  What kind of nifty tech gadget would you love to have this holiday season?  Pick from the list below if you see a favorite, or feel free to elaborate by leaving a comment. ...more
I'm hoping for a Kindle, but not a Kindle fire. As long as I have books on the Kindle, I should ...more

Pizza! Pizza! - Easy! Easy!

Today is the third day for posting a food-related photo duo. The subject today is that well loved All-American Canadian food - Pizza!  As with yesterday, the two items I will show you come from http://thisiswhyi' Unlike yesterday, neither one of them is in any way disgusting. LOL. In fact, both items are, in my opinion, ingenious....more