Top Rated Dishwashers Reviews in 2011- Top Rated Dishwashers

Why Get some new Dishwasher?Lately the push being “green" has pervaded the west. Reducing carbon footprints, reusing forgotten items and recycling inside our home became common practices. Your house appliance world have been hit with the “green" bug, and efficient dishwashers are sprouting up in all places. These Energy Star qualified dishwashers are perfect for the entire world, they're good for a pocketbook. Replacing your old dishwasher could save you money yearly with your energy and water bills....more

Top Widgets and Gadgets for your Blog

So as my blog evolves, I thought I would compile a list of Widgets I just absolutely adore. I have to say, this is an ever evolving list so I would recommend repeat visits to this entry however, for now behold...1. Comment LuvGiving you more interactive and personalized interaction with your Commentators... This plugin actually encourages interactions between blogs by enabling links to latest posts, twitter etc.2. LinkWithin...more


As personal choice, I shun blackberries. I would like a smartphone, but I detest iPhone's limited network (Indonesia's version of iPhone is restricted to a provider I dislike). I am aiming for a Tab. Buuut.. well, the budget is not there yet. :-/  Anyway....more

Apple might not find this funny but I do: Steve Jobs in Carbonite

The lawyers at Apple have ordered a cease and desist on an iPhone case....more

Full Circle Home - Eco Style Function

In honor of Earth Day (tomorrow!) we thought that we would highlight a green company that – to us – exemplifies what an environmentally-friendly consumer product manufacturing company should be....more

This is a technical post so if you like kittens and flowers, don't read it

Because I am kind, like Oprah Winfrey (except I'm not black and I don't have a problem with fluctuating weight), I thought that I would share some interesting facts about the year 2011 with you. Strap in and hold on tight .........! ...more

Experiment: How Fast Does Your Kettle Boil?

Every now and again, I like to feel pampered. I felt like that today, so I decided to treat myself and I bought a new kettle. It was made by Morphy Richards and I was particularly impressed by the fact that it boasted a 3KW 'fast boil' function. ...more

I am not surprised. After I first published the post, I discovered that most US people don't ...more

Yesterday was a double-whammy of surprises

Blimey, if ever I was going to kill a fatted calf, it would have been yesterday. But luckily I didn't actually have a fatted calf, so the poor (albeit hypothetical,) bastard was saved. 'What the blazes are you going on about?' I hear you cry. ...more

I've got a new camera and it is bloody brilliant.... bring on the Canon S95

Today I nearly choked on my own vomit with excitement. Can you guess why? Yes sirree, my new Canon PowerShot S95 compact digital camera arrived today. GADGET ALERT! But man alive, before I discuss the gadget itself, I have to say that Amazon's delivery service is total pants. ...more

Sorry to read your first sentence and run, but I just had to stop for a second and say that is ...more

What to read before you buy your iPad 2

If you read my blog, then it is no surprise I love almost everything about my iPad. Sadly, I do not have the iPad 2–yet. The timing of the launch of the new iPad 2 conveniently fits the shopping deadline for my daughter's upcoming birthday. (And fortunately we like to share gadgets.)...more