Apps for Travel

"Man, that was a difficult labor!" That was the husband, yesterday, after we left the store with my new iPhone. He's right. It took me nearly a year decide what phone to get. Why the hesitation? A bunch of reasons but mostly because I think the cell-phone industrial complex is evil, evil, evil. That's a story for another time....more

This is so timely for me! I just picked up my iPhone this afternoon and was wondering what ...more

Amazon Pulls Macmillan Books (Then Puts Them Back)

Amazon shocked consumers, publishers and authors on January 29 when it pulled Macmillan books from direct sale on over an e-book pricing dispute. Amazon and Macmillan each believed that its model was the best, and that the other company would have to cave to its demands. Amazon may have shot off the first round in this pricing war, but before the weekend was over it waved a white flag of surrender....more

The authors have any control or knowledge about where their books are sold. They generally ...more

The Joy of (Online) Cooking


Apple's New iPad

Whether Apple's announcement of the tablet dubbed iPad made you long for one, scoff at how unnecessary they are, or crack jokes about the choice of name, you have to admit it was a huge announcement. ...more

This was written before anyone had one, so I appreciate you comments as an actual ...more

TechTarts Tartorial: How to Download an iPhone or iPod Touch App

TechTarts was conceived one night at my BFF Joanna’s house when her 9-year-old son Ben saw that I had the Whoopie Cushion app installed on my iPhone and wondered why his mum did not have such a fun app, or any app for that matter, installed on hers. Considering she had her iPhone for whole year longer than I had, I asked her as well, ‘yeah, why don’t you have any apps downloaded when you have had your phone for nearly two years’?...more

Apple's iPad: Love? Hate? Now With Wings?

With Steve Jobs' introduction today of the Apple Tablet computer they're calling the iPad, everyone's oohing, aahing, and/or cracking feminine hygiene jokes on Twitter. Jezebel's rounded up the best of the maxi-humor. What do you think? Are you thinking about buying Apple's iPad?(survey) PS: And all of a sudden this MADTV skit from 2006 is a lot more funny: ...more

This device has certainly been the focus of jokes when it launched but now it has proven to be a ...more

The Top Technology Products for Moms from the 2010 Consumer Electroncis Show

Lori Cunningham ...more

Your Gear, To Go

I don't know about you, but I've been wondering when we started needing to take 10 pounds of electronic gear with us every time we leave the house. A recent email thread in BlogHer back channels led me to wonder if I'd shared, what exactly it is that I'm dragging around with me everywhere I go. It's true, I take all this stuff and have a decent pack to carry it in. Here's what's in my bag, and please don't mug me should you run across me out there in the world. I need this stuff to do what I do. Oh, in the interest of disclosure, NONE of this gear was provided by sponsors, we paid for all of it, except for a pocket camera and an iPod that I won on a blog giveaways and the USB mouse that I got from my day job. ...more

So far, I've gotten by with a pen and notebook, a cheap cell phone for calling the taxi when ...more

How My Sanity Was Saved By Jack Bauer and an Almond Joy

 I woke up from a short nap this afternoon only to be faced with one of the most pressing emergencies my family has ever faced in its' entire 12 year existence:...more

The Blessings that came with the use of Nintendo for our son with Special Needs

   A few years ago we purchased a Nintendo DS for our older son for Christmas. Little did we know that gift, would also become a gift for our younger son with special needs. He has Cerebral Palsy and was able to play the game to our surprise.  This helped him with his hand eye coordination.  His therapists both Physical & Occupational also recommended the use of Wii sports as a at home therapy....more