Mommy and Daddy's wedding weekend

Wedding weekendDecember 16th 2009 7:49 am ...more

Blogging Virgin Often Qualifies for Senior Discounts

 I decided to learn about and begin blogging for a couple of reasons. I need to keep my brain challenged by learning new things.  I want to understand the challenges my daughter is facing as a parent in this constantly changing world where technology has created an entirely different environment for her to be parenting in than what I was faced with raising her and her sister. ...more

Poll: Will You Pay to Read the New York Times Online, Facebook, or Twitter?

The New York Times announced today that it will start charging for online news in 2011. The "metered model" will allow viewers to see "a certain number of articles free every month before being asked to pay a flat fee for unlimited access." ...more

No, I wouldn't pay! For online content? Heck, no. I love the ease of online news, but not ...more

How Much Privacy Have I Lost by Buying Online?

One of the scarier facts about online life is that privacy requires constant vigilance. There are ways to look at your purchases, your remarks, your friends list, and your other public data and learn a truly astonishing array of things about you. ...more

it is a tricky question and we don't have clear answers.

Virginia DeBolt

My Love Affair with Owls & knick knacks

So as you know, or some of you may not actually know, I love owls.I love them because they seem magical in a sense, they are so striking to look at, and I find them adorable. They have the coolest eyes and wings andWhen I think back to when I was a kid I was always intrigued by them (especially that owl in Labyrinth, haha) but the last 2 years or so , I started to draw them and now I can't get enough of them.I have over 20 drawings of owls and lots of knick knacks etc......more

India's Free Speech Challengers: Online And Off

What happens with a newly-elected Indian minister in the central government starts tweeting? Many hilarious controversies, clashes and headlines. ...more

Another good reason to keep newspapers alive - for the sales circulars

I spend hours online but I’m still a newspaper junkie.  Online shopping lets me research anything I’m thinking about buying.  And then there are all the juicy comments which are often called "reviews."  Ha!   I start off examining customers’ comments and then I stop at a review where someone is telling a harrowing story about exactly what happened the night they brought their new mattress home. Sagging!  Sides collapsing!  Back pain! Co-sleepers sniping at each other in the morning! ...more

I hate shopping. I'm thrifty and don't really want to buy anything - ever. But I do like sale ...more

Some Exciting Knowbility News

The New Year brings some fantastic Knowbility events that I want to make you aware of, so that you may either participate, or help us spread the word.  First is our 9th annual ...more

I've been to some Knowbility workshops myself and can tell you that they are wonderful. A ...more

Technology and Reality: Did the Truth Die in 2009?

Our hold on the truth is tenuous at best. We are, after all and by all accounts, a nation comfortable with lying. We lie to each other all of the time-- strangers and loved ones alike. And we lie to ourselves. The truth has taken a profound beating this past year. And I am beginning to wonder if most folks even noticed. ...more

It's true that technology makes lying more accessible, but lying (exaggeration, twisting, ...more

Voice Apps: Have You Talked *To* Your Phone Yet?

Have you started talking to the hand yet? The hand with the phone in it, but no one on the other end? I have and I confess I was enamored after one use and will never look back. ...more

I love technology and all it can do.  I specialize in accessibility to people with ...more