How to market on Twitter

I am not going to explain to you how to create a Twitter account, I am sure you are capable enough! Once the account is created with a nice profile and picture you can then start to add your “Tweets”. You are allowed up to 140 characters and it is advisable to keep the tweets as short as possible, I will explain why shortly. I know a lot of people use Twitter to talk about their latest night out or what they had for dinner but as a business person you can utilize Twitter to market your business....more

The L Word: a formula for success

The L Word ended on Showtime in March. For people like me who don't have Showtime, the final season is just now coming out on DVD. We are finally getting to see season 6 and watch how the series ended. ...more

from BlogHer CE Alanna Kellogg is about The Pioneer Woman, but it is essentially the same ...more

Does Facebook Really Make Kids Stupid?

For years, academics, educators and all manner of pontificating pundits have been bemoaning the downfall of intelligence at the hands of technology. The use and over-use of television created, to hear them tell it, passive, stupid children, and thus the name “boob tube”. Video games are blamed for producing violent, fat, under-achieving students. ...more

There is no doubt that "the benefits of Internet use to their academic and intellectual ...more

Solar Powered Green Web Hosting With AISO.Net

When seeking out a new web hosting provider, there are several pieces of criteria that most use to ensure the best possible provider is chosen for their web site. It is becoming increasingly more popular to seek out hosting companies that are either using green technologies to power their services or those that minimally give back to the environment with the purchase of credit offsets or green tags. One web hosting company that has opted to bypass the credit offsetting and is actually using clean, renewable energy resources is AISO.Net....more

Thank you for this blog post. The commenter, then, becomes the critic who shapes the writer's ...more

With Green Hosting, Actual is Better Than Offsetting

With the trend quickly becoming to be more environmentally friendly, web hosting companies are doing their part to do less damage and even give back ecologically.  Most participate in the purchase of carbon offset credits - wind, solar and other clean energy dollar amounts equal to what the company produces - however, a few are actually using cleaner energy....more

Credibility Is More Than Just a Word

Recently, I wrote an article on the importance of personal branding when dealing with online journalism.  One topic I broached but didn't go into detail was on being authentic.  Part of this is being truthful.  Readers can smell a liar and a fake a mile away....more

Repetitiveness and off-topic posting is a no-no

If you want to succeed in the online world, both personally and professionally, being concise and on-topic will go a long way to ensuring both your happiness and the happiness of others online....more

Amazon's New PayPhrase: Will you or won't you?

Amazon's new PayPhrase technology promises to speed up the buying process on Amazon. But it isn't only for Amazon. It also works for Amazon partner sites DKNY, Jockey, Patagonia,, and J&R Electronics. I already had One-Click buying enabled on Amazon, and using PayPhrase on Amazon isn't much different. Instead of buying with the One-Click button, you buy with the PayPhrase button, and then enter a PIN to go with the PayPhrase. ...more

It's pretty much books, movies, cds and software. No MP3s or Kindle store. A few electronics. ...more

Flash Is For Famous People!

I frequently see young fledging artists and businesses using Flash to make a fancy- looking website thinking it will allow them to play in the big leagues, and set them apart from your average upstart. But this strategy is like playing in a beautiful stadium with no-one in the audience.Here’s some reasons why that can be a Very Bad Idea:1)    Flash is hard to properly optimize for search engines. While there have been some advances by the search engines in this area, you will not be able to optimize your site in the depth and detail that you can an HTML site....more