Access to the Internet is a Privilege Not a Right

I saw something the other day that I had to reread a couple of times to be sure I understood it correctly:...more

Managing Your Social Media Afterlife

You never go far without access to your Twitter stream. Facebook is like a second religion to you. Your blog is essentially your baby. Whether you're online for business building, furthering your career, or personal endeavors, social media is a core activity in your daily life. For many it's even more entwined with their days than showering or brushing their teeth. So... what happens to your online life when you die? ...more

After my father-in-law passed away unexpectedly, leaving us all to grapple with a mess of ...more

Previewing Google Wave and Twitter Lists

One of the wisdoms in web application development is "Release early and often." Google and Twitter have both released software "tests" to select hundreds of thousands of users, both with the idea that there will be problems, but let people try them out, and then improve the software iteratively, based upon real-life user experience. This is my first blush impression of these previews I've been privileged to explore this week. Get on my Wave! ...more

I was one of the early testers with Google Wave and have found that it serves two great ...more

Parenting in a Digital World

You've seen the talk shows and heard the playgroup buzz: What the heck are we doing about the influence of social media, cell phones, games and other technology on our little angels? ...more

 ...can get a teen-ager to do anything.


The Future is Liquid and I Want It - Exciting Devices

From Nan Hickman's blog: The Japanese are living our future. At CEATEC, the annual Japan high tech show, they tease us with it. Take a look at the Fujitsu concept phone from CEATEC 2009: the Ameboa. It looks like a piece of crystal and changes its display to a keyboard to an internet browser to controls. There are buttons on four sides of the phone to change modes. ...more

Self-Promote Your Book Using the Internet

An article in the Washinton Post titled On Web, A Most Novel Approach started me on a quest to find ways that authors promote themselves and their books. I found examples and advice from women who have been there and done that, and I found helpful resources to get you started on the same path. ...more

I found a wonderful website that offers video production of video book trailers for a reasonable ...more

Just me!

Hello, I'm new to this. I hope I meet alot of new people. :o) So, again, a BIG HELLO all! Lisa...more

The Diversity in Science Carnival is Back!

Diversity in Science Carnival is back ...more