Privacy. Does it have your attention yet?

Privacy stories and concerns are everywhere. There are constant issues over privacy at Facebook. Look, for example, at 10 Solid Tips to Safeguard Your Facebook Privacy and at Could I have my stuff back, please. ...more

that you are right.

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FCC plans rules to enforce net neutrality

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski announced today that  the FCC will create new rules to prevent carriers from blocking, slowing or favoring particular types of content. Read the full article on Web Teacher. ...more

Tell Your Senators How Much You Love the Climate (And Win Some Awesome Prizes Too!)

Live Earth has just launched an awareness campaign, Love, The Climate,  to engage the public in environmental activism and contact their senators about supporting the Climate Bill.  ...more

Convinced by you. Joined up.

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   I know I have been a member of this site for awhile without contributing to it,,, and for that I am sorry. It was not that I am/was ignoring this site,,, I simply forgot to write down that I was a member and simply forgot until I stumbled into it once again and it looked familair to me,,, at least the name of it did. I'm again regretfully sorry for it  ...more

The TimeBomb That Is Facebook

You ever feel like you are walking on the ragged edge? You oughta. ...more

Great post!

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Planned Parenthood: Using the Internet for Better Reproductive Health in the US

"We have a reproductive health care crisis, and we need to do something about it," Tom Subak, Vice President for Online Services at Planned Parenthood, told me when I visited their office last week. "One in four women has an STD, and one in two African American women has an STD." ...more

Will Free Evolve? The Lessons of Geocities

Way back at the beginning of Internet time, the best thing you could get free was a Geocities account where you could build your own web site. Millions of people did just that. About 38 million, according to Macleans. Geocities began in 1994. It will close officially on October 26, 2009. Fifteen years is quite a ride. ...more

too, because I used it with my students and described it in my books. But I don't have any ...more

Facebook and Me

by Shelley Singer ...more

Open Wide

This past week, Microsoft threw some of its weight into the Open Source software economy. Mary-Jo Foley reports on ZDNet: A new, non-profit open-source foundation — one dedicated to increasing the participation of commercial-source vendors in the open-source world — is being unveiled on September 10. Microsoft is providing the initial funding and is a founding member of the new group, known as the CodePlex Foundation.... ...more


Last week I wrote a magical blog.  I did.  I sat for hours.  Told the kids to bugger off and leave me alone.  And they did.  And I did.  I wrote. For hours. ...more