How to detect and fix the latest WordPress attack

If you aren't using the latest version of WordPress, currently 2.8.4, your blog might have been hacked. There's an attack going on right now that breaks into your blog to create, and then hide, administrator accounts. You can see if this has happened on your blog by going to the Dashboard and then the Users panel. The number listed in parentheses after Administrators should match the number of actual admins that you have for the blog! ...more

Basically, you can leave in the drivers' seat, a bit like
getting ...more

My Name is LZ, and I'm an Internetaholic

Once the girls are in bed for the night and the house is reasonably picked up, the first thing I reach for is my laptop. I need to check in, moderate comments, read blogs, return comments, read the celeb gossip, and a multitude of other vital tasks. It is always usually met with an eyeroll from J. “I just got home, do you really need to be doing that right now?” Uh…yeah. My ‘work’ day just ended, and I want to unwind. 3 hours later, he has left the room. Is he still ...more

Especially no. 11  ;-)


Is the Way You Use Social Media Hurting Your Career?

Every time I read an article like the recent "How social media can hurt your career" on Careerbuilder, I am grateful that we didn't have social media back when I was in college. Young, testing the waters, and with a lot of opinions to share, I wonder if I would have unknowingly committed a faux pas in the weakness of a heated moment that would have hurt me professionally? ...more

My facebook page in particular is a private page that only my friends can see, I can't ...more

Are you sending your Chatter to Twitter?

Hi. My name is Denise and I am a BlogHer addict. I am also a Twitter addict. Thankfully, BlogHer Chatter allows me to feed both of my addictions at once. (Now if I can just convince it to bring me coffee...) BlogHer Chatter provides OAuth functionality that allows me to Chatter as often as I like and have my messages sent automatically to my Twitter stream. ...more

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Please put it down as a wishlist item for me. :) It shouldn't ...more

I should be touring state fairs

Applause, Applause I want to hear a big round of Diana Is A Rock Star because I just put my home email on my phone without any help! and its not one of the email programs that came on the phone, this was a POP deally that I had to get on there my own-self. It was hard yo. Now, I may need help getting the phone to stop using my Gmail account. I've been obediently reading my instruction manual and it doesn't say anything about sloughing off unwanted email programs. Maybe there is a Yahoo group that can help?... ...more

How to Get a Killer Website

If you feel overwhelmed even thinking about starting or improving your website, you’re not alone. The new frontier of online media may seem intimidating, but with a little information you will find that getting a killer website is simple. A good design is not necessarily the flashiest, coolest looking website, it is one that is simple to use and works effectively for the end user.  Whether you’re starting from scratch or just need a redesign, the first step in getting a killer website is always the same:  Step 1: Know Your Business  ...more

A Historical Blog - Isn't that an Oxymoron?

  The HerStory Scrapbook is a “you-are-there”  ...more

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Women Rock SXSW 2010

Panels proposed for SXSW Interactive 2010 include many by or with women speakers. Since SXSW Interactive (SXSWi) is a tech conference that stands out as treating women equally on the speaker's lists, I took a look at what women proposed as panels for next year. The conference is held in March each year in Austin, TX. ...more

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Could I have my stuff back, please?

In the beginning, the world was offline. The past was just what we could remember. Conversations faded. Introductions to others slipped into the realm of unnamed faces and disconnected anecdotes. Jokes were heard and forgotten. Photos bleached out and negative film turned to dust. News clippings crumbled. Documents misplaced were unfindable. Address books lost were irreplaceable. What happened in Las Vegas really did stay in Las Vegas. ...more

laura ....bravo...your post sooo sums up a lot that i've been concerned about but haven't had ...more