Learn to blog and get paid: For Beginners

How to get started blogging A great way to earn extra money online is by starting up your own blog. It’s not difficult to get a blog started. We will take you through the key steps in this article. What  is a blog? A blog is simply an online diary or journal written and updated regularly by an individual. What’s the point of starting a blog?...more

The Love Bank- Motivation For Moms

I have been feeling a little overwhelmed lately with the children, my husband, the day-to-day drama of being at home, money (or lack-there-of) and by trying to make time for myself. I am trying to fit in exercise everyday (with wild children crawling all over me, or the treadmill, or the yoga mat), time for blogging, time for just taking general care of myself....more

Journey Through the Peace Corps: Letters from Mozambique

by Alice Pettway...more

Family visit to the Racine Zoo

Family visit to the Racine Zoo ...more

Happy Holidays from BeChicMag.com


Pumpkin Spice Latte & Frugalista Chic

Ahh... the holidays are upon us... Images of sugar plums dancing in our heads while dreaming if Santa Claus will be providing us with treats (or a big fat lump of coal) under our Christmas trees. Who am I kidding?! That is what I want.. those images on the books I read to my son at bedtime. ...more

I love the holiday drinks. I splurge on Starbucks too. That is actually one of my favorite ...more

"Greens and Means"

The streets of East Palo Alto have seen everything from brick factories to poultry farms to gang shootings, but they haven’t before met anything quite like Rev. Bob Hartley, a known and respected longtime EPA resident. He’s a man with a plan to help the youth in the community give up their weapons – in favor of plants. ...more

Pollinators make the world go round (Travelog Europe)

Pollinators make the world go round (Travelog Europe) ...more