DJ, Journalist & Rock Star Kenny Weissberg Heads a Great Line-Up on The After Nyne Show

Episode 5 of the After Nyne Show has just launched and I’m incredibly excited about it. I talk to author Jane Cable, Lleucu Siencyn, the Chief Executive of Literature Wales about the Dylan Thomas Centenary and talk music with DJ, journalist and author Kenny Weissberg. There’s also music from Hadar Manor.To listen to the podcast on pod bean click on the link below:

Podcasting for Bloggers: Introduction and Choosing a Microphone

Are you looking for a fun way to change up the same old routine of posting blog entry after blog entry? ...more

Google Listen: My Commuting BFF

Podcasts are a very big part of my life: for running, for my bus commute, for occupying my brain while I've been preparing my house for showings (we're in the middle of selling)... I even make my family listen to them in the car if I'm in the middle of a good one when we're leaving the house. :)...more

Starting a new blog / podcast series

I may be crazy for starting this less than a month before BlogHer 2011, but my podcast idea has been percolating for a while. I've done a couple in the past and would like to step it up with more frequency.I'm a Librarian and often come across free resources not widely known and I would like to share those in a podcast format. I'm hoping to produce them with regular frequency. Monthly? Is that too infrequent?My most recent attempt includes resources on Art, Movies, and Harry Potter/Science.I'd love to get feedback from the BlogHer Community:...more

Favorite podcasts

I listen to a lot of podcasts. Some of my favorites are Never Not Funny, The Dave Ramsey Show, The Marathon Show, Reality TV Podcast, Family From the Heart, and Two Gomers Run a Marathon. What podcasts do you listen to? What are some of your favorites? See what other's are saying here.Kimberly writes at Outside My Head and That's My Answer....more

Interviews with 48 Changemakers: 4th Anniversary of the Big Vision Podcast

With all the depressing stories on the news, you'd never know that there are all kinds of amazing people out there who not only have big visions for a better world, but are making their big visions real, but there are!...more

Brain and Cognitive Science Podcasts

I have been known to drift to sleep with my media player filled with episodes of science and speculative fiction podcasts. I do confess that in between the twilight and the snoozing I’m picky about what I put into my brain. You’d think I’d seek out boring speakers to help me sleep but my mind does not like the idea of forced ennui. ...more

Wait, Wait ... Don't Tell Me. Wait, Wait, I'm Obsessed!

Like many of you out there, I've been listening to Chicago Public Radio's Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me for a number of years now. Listening to current events get lambasted with sharpness and wit is a good way to prevent oneself from becoming too pissed off about the state of things in the world. Additionally, the Wait, Wait podcast makes runs, walks, and long drives way more informative and amusing than any of them manages to be on its own. And to some degree, Wait, Wait actually forces me to take an active interest in current events. ...more

Charlie Pierce is my favorite panelist, hands down. I'm always disappointed when he's not ...more

Never Be Afraid to Take a Risk (even if they laugh at you)

I took part in a live chat this evening with a couple of people that previously I really had considered icons of social media. I  looked up to them and respected their advice. I use the past tense for a reason. During the chat, the main participant who shall remain nameless here (after all I refuse to sink to her (level) repeatedly used the worst kind of profanity and then did her absolute best to shoot down every body’s ideas....more

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