Pollinators make the world go round (Travelog Europe)

Pollinators make the world go round (Travelog Europe) ...more

Wordless Wednesday: Fields of Flowers

Wordless Wednesday: Fields of Flowers Photos of cultivars from Europe. Cultivars are a variety of a plants and flowers developed from a natural species and maintained under cultivation. ...more

Open Wide

This past week, Microsoft threw some of its weight into the Open Source software economy. Mary-Jo Foley reports on ZDNet: A new, non-profit open-source foundation — one dedicated to increasing the participation of commercial-source vendors in the open-source world — is being unveiled on September 10. Microsoft is providing the initial funding and is a founding member of the new group, known as the CodePlex Foundation.... ...more

I won the 2009 Black Weblog Award for Best Science and Technology Blog

And the winner is....   ...more

I'm going to go check out how to vote for you!



The Kilogram: Just a Little Off

For the last hundred years or so, a metal cylinder about the size of a souvenir shot glass has been the standard against which all kilograms were measured. Take a look at this Wikipedia provided computer generated image of the kilogram. ...more

I'm glad there are more than a few kilogram nerds running around making sure that standard ...more

Education and Technology – The Cost of Questions

Technology can solve problems. Technology can also create problems or reveal existing situations that have nothing to do with the tool used to reveal structural faults. The way we perceived our lives and what we believe to be important is changing; Can you feel the tremors of change? ...more

Thank you for mentioning my blog.  I'm thrilled that you have exposed such an important ...more

A New Paris Attraction: Bees!

I was chomping down my breakfast cereal and reading a Newsweek article by Tracy McNicoll called Pollen Nation about the honeybees of Paris. Normally, I'm not obsessed with honeybees or Paris, but this article got my attention. It talked about a man named Olivier Darné, who puts beehives around Paris. ...more

bees are fascinating little creatures. and bees in the city is interesting.


Adventures on the High Seas with SEAPLEX

Adventures on the High Seas with SEAPLEX In search of……treasure, glorious plastic rubbish that is scientific treasure. Aaarrgh! ...more

Year of Science - July commemorates Astronomy

Year of Science - July commemorates Astronomy ...more

Intersection of Technology & Politics: Personal Democracy Forum 2009 round-up

What's at the intersection of politics and technology? More than a thousand people at 60th and Broadway on June 29 and 30th, aka Personal Democracy Forum 2009. ...more