Riding the Brain Waves to a New Tomorrow

I know I've been whining about having to hide myself in the broom closet, lest someone figure out, in the real world, that I am a psychic. But wait! (as they say) there's new evidence that I may get to come out soon and cheerfully acknowledge that yes, I can see into the future. ...more

Science Medley: Now with more (hope for) diversity in science

It's once again time for me to cast some link-love in the direction of the scientific bloghersphere. Science bloggers have been writing again about (the lack of widespread) diversity in science--and the popular perception that all scientists (and particularly science professors) are white men. Instead of providing you with my own disquisition on the subject, I'm going to provide an annotated list of some of the best recent posts I've found on the subject. ...more

This is a great post.  Thank you for providing your insight to this manner and bringing these ...more

Jon Stewart as Philosopher King?

I struggled to decide on which of my pages to put this fascinating list of the American Journal of Bioethics Editors' Blog "Top 20 Essays of 2008". Bioethics criss-crosses disciplines and pushed the edge of thinking in science, health, reproductive rights, public policy--you name it. ...more

How Government Kills Poor Farmers: GM Genocide

If prostitution is the oldest profession of civilization, than agriculture is the second oldest profession of the human world. Farming is especially important because basically all other economic sector of a market interlinks with agriculture in some way or other. Everybody needs food. The tyranny of government is, it controls both prostitution and Agriculture. Let me explain how government interventions causes havoc and brings ...more

Donations are crucial this year

Hi EveryoneYou are recieving this because either through some act of kismet, blood or timing we are relatives, friends, coworkers or activity partners. This is the first of messages (either electronic or snail mail) I am sending regarding two important events I am taking part in this year. The AVON Breast Cancer Walk and the Multiple Sclerosis Society Walk.I have two websites I would like for you to visit today or tomorrow, www.inhonorof.infoandwww.formydad.info ...more