The Death of BPA?

MomsRising and other organizations have been working for years to keep kids safe from toxic Bisphenol-A (BPA) in food containers and bottles. We've generated tens of thousands of letters to Congress and state legislatures, and sent pages of petition signatures to manufacturers. We've made progress -- but we still have a ways to go!...more

Happy Tweetsgiving!

Tweetsgiving is 48-hour event to encourage people to express their gratitude using online tools and at face-to-face meet-ups.    This two-day event, scheduled for November 24-26, will also invite people to donate to Epic Change....more

I'm Not Asking You to Lie . . .

When someone asks your opinion, resist their given permission to judge- Q: Does this shirt make my stomach look bad?...more

Things do happen for a reason…sometimes you just have to wait…

I haven’t posted in a while. I have been incredibly busy with work and school and family-but that is not the topic of this post. I recently made a tough decision. I have decided to go a different direction in my educational career, a choice that will ultimately change my entire life....more

Teachers’ Campaign for Oprah’s Final Book Club Selection

Teachers’ Campaign for Oprah’s Final Book Selection“If You Want to Accomplish the Goals of Your Life, You Have to Begin with the Spirit” says the Queen of Talk, Ms. Oprah Gayle Winfrey. ...more

Beyond Words


To Flush or Not to Flush, That is the Question


Step Away From the Drama

Gentle. That's it. ...more


"Action is the antidote to despair." - Joan Baez...more

Looking for Love in All the Right Places