WVFC Friday Fitness Newsmix

Looking for that M word: Wendy at Menopause, the Blog, thinks Oprah's passionate approach to her new diet is missing the simplest explanation for her weight gain and tiredness: ...more

2009 Internet Marketing Forecast

If it already feels like your online business is lagging in last year’s dust, keep in mind that it’s normal to fall behind in the race. However, it’s absolutely possible and critical to pick up the pace of your marketing strategies and increase your chances of taking the lead. But where do you begin and how will you know what to do? The key to Internet marketing and the path to web success in 2009 is anticipating customer needs and making every second count for your business on a daily basis. ...more

Net-savvy moms galvanize to stop California pedophile blogger

Like the blogger at Chasing Rainbows, I too support freedom of speech. After all, it's a basic right guaranteed to all Americans, isn't it? Yet, I also agree with the Chasing Rainbows blogger when she questions whether free speech protection should apply to pedophiles like Jack McClellan. ...more

Everyone should read the reports from the University of New Hampshire and NCMEC that show that ...more