India's Free Speech Challengers: Online And Off

What happens with a newly-elected Indian minister in the central government starts tweeting? Many hilarious controversies, clashes and headlines. ...more

Circle of Hope Bracelets

I am the New York distributor of Circle of Hope Bracelets, a not-for-profit foundation based in St. Louis, Missouri. Circle of Hope Bracelets was founded in 1999 by jewelry designer Fran Lefrak-Brown, who wanted to create a way to raise money for cancer research through her business. She gathered friends and family to share her idea, and Circle of Hope Bracelets was born. The bracelets are made by cancer survivors, family and friends, all volunteers. Though a 12 year survivor of breast cancer, Fran  passed away in 2002 from this terrible disease....more

Haiti. I can't turn away.

I've been unable to write for the past few days. Everything I want to say about my life, my daily aggravations, how I'm trying to stretch and grow, who I am... It all feels frivolous and incredibly self-absorbed. Wherever I turn, the news of the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti calls out. And, what it says is this... You are blessed. You are incredibly blessed with your life, and what you have. What are you going to do with it? ...more

Oh No You Didn't


Haiti Earthquake - You Can Help

Haiti Earthquake DisasterThe earthquake in Haiti is tragic and incomprehensible .Haiti is a place where misery is an everyday condition and disasters -- of both the natural and man-caused variety -- are not uncommon. At best, the government has made only halting progress toward improving the lives of its citizens....more

STEM Education - The Power of the Investment

Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education is getting a lot of attention from the White House and from private industry. As a non-parent, I really do have a stake STEM education. On the surface it seems like a good idea to invest $250 million dollars, since most of it is coming from Intel. Why should I care? The most basic reason? My own safety and survival. ...more


"Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next." Jonas Salk   ...more

While the Gettin' is Good

If you are considering change, you are in already in transition. Stepping away from mastery and what you know may be uncomfortable. ...more

More Than Meets The Eye

Love water? Check this out: ...more

Journey Through the Peace Corps: Letters from Mozambique

by Alice Pettway...more