I'm Going To# BlogHer15 ! Wait? I'm Going To Blog Her 15?

I'm Going To #BlogHer! I'm Going To BlogHer! I'm Going To BlogHer!  Wait! I'm Going To BlogHer? Okay so I may be just a teeny bit excited about the fact that I am going to #BlogHer15 in a few weeks but I may also be a teeny bit anxious. I have had a BlogHer Conference on my Blogger Wishlist probably since my first keystroke in the awesome world of Blogging and now I can hardly believe that it's happening. The day I was able to Register for BlogHer was honestly one of the most exciting days I've had as a Blogger. ...more

The Art of The Proper Approach

 Have you ever wondered how to successfully approach someone that looks like they may be a good match for you? While there are a few proper ways to do so, there are also many ways to really turn someone off, so they won’t give you the time of day. Make sure you are skilled at the art of the approach or the girl/guy of your dreams, may walk away and never look back....more

10 Tips to Protect Yourself on Social Networks

With the prevalence of mobile devices, more than ever, it’s easy for us to share our lives with the world. And yes, social networks are all about staying in touch with friends and family, and sharing events in your life, but perhaps it’s too easy to share information?...more

What is Social Engineering?

No, it’s not some new engineering field to develop social media sites. Social engineering has been around as long as the con artist has been around. The terms stems from the social science world where social engineering is deemed as an act of psychological manipulation....more

How Selfies Can Boost Your Brand This Holiday Season!

Selfies have become all the rage in 2013. They even have a place in our society with a reference in the Oxford Dictionary as the international word of the year.You probably know what a selfie is by now, but just in case you have never heard of such a thing. Here is how it appears in the Dictionary:...more

5 ways to Protect Privacy on Mobile Devices

Privacy advocates are working to prevent the worst and most extreme outcomes of personal data collection. They know that without checks and balances—without consumers knowing their rights and actively protecting their own privacy and personal data—that data could be used unethically....more

4 Golden Rules to Building Great Relationships On Social Media

“What’s the ROI of social media?” Without a doubt, that’s the million dollar question in the digital marketing industry. Everyone is hot to trot on metric reports and analytic tools (which are important, don’t get me wrong!), but I want to step back and look at some of the qualitative value that social media brings to the table....more

It's Never Too Late to Learn Blogging and Social Media

Truth be told it is never too late to learn how to blog, or the art thereof. Blogging is not as hard as you think once you find something that interests you.One of the major necessities is of course, an easy platform to use.Beginning Bloggers: Find An Easy To Use TemplateMost blogs are free, such as the ones you can get on Tumblr, Blogger, or Wordpress. (Wordpress.com gives you free platforms to use without having to download and upload their platform.) ...more

Does Heaven Have Free Wi-Fi?

I knew from the very first moment that I met Penny, that she was going to become a life-long friend of mine. She was eccentric, boisterous, and genuine.  She was a breast cancer survivor. She laughed easily, hugged tightly, and wore the brightest shade of coral-colored lipstick that left stains on the rim of every glass she ever drank from and every cheek she ever kissed....more

Guest Post - How to Keep your Kids Safe on Social Networking Sites

Today I have a guest blogger talking about social networking and what parents can do to keep their kids safe....more