Women Rock SXSW 2010

Panels proposed for SXSW Interactive 2010 include many by or with women speakers. Since SXSW Interactive (SXSWi) is a tech conference that stands out as treating women equally on the speaker's lists, I took a look at what women proposed as panels for next year. The conference is held in March each year in Austin, TX. ...more

Hope you make it.

Virginia DeBolt

A Few Good Women at SXSW '10

Though it’s over seven months away and may not even be on your radar yet, we’re buzzing with excitement about the interactive portion of SXSW ’10, slated for March 12-16. Why? Several BlogHers have proposed sessions for the conference, and we’re hoping that a few good women will be selected to speak. But we need your help! Read on to learn more about the fabulous sessions proposed – and if you like what you find, or would attend one of the proposed panels, or even if you’re just slightly fascinated by an idea, we could use your vote of confidence. Quite literally. ...more

Education and Technology – The Cost of Questions

Technology can solve problems. Technology can also create problems or reveal existing situations that have nothing to do with the tool used to reveal structural faults. The way we perceived our lives and what we believe to be important is changing; Can you feel the tremors of change? ...more

Thank you for mentioning my blog.  I'm thrilled that you have exposed such an important ...more

10 Best iPhone Apps For Goofing Off

There are many useful iPhone apps out there. But sometimes you just need to kill time. Whether you are waiting in an airport or you are stuck in a mind-numbing meeting or lecture, these iPhone apps will make the time you spend in boredom purgatory a little more entertaining. #1 Rag Doll Blaster This game is simple in concept, but not so easy to master. Superbly designed by Backflip Studios, you'll be astounded with the real physics used to measure the distance, power, and angle to shoot rag dolls across various obstacles. There is a free version called Rag Doll Blaster Lite ($2) ...more

So Not a Best Buy

Those of you who know my husband might say that he has a slight addiction to technology. I use the term, slight, very loosely because in all honesty, my husband has a severe addiction to technology. I knew about this quirk long before our married days...But I didn't really understand the severity of it until he purchased "The HDTV." Oh yes, I will be elaborating... ...more

Broadband Initiatives Grant Guides for Small Business Now Available

Two new guides for small businesses interested in applying for the four billion dollars in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Recovery Act) grants to deliver broadband service to underserved and rural communities across the nation are now available.  Applications for the first round of Recovery Act funding for broadband infrastructure are being accepted through August 14, 2009. United States Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship Chair Mary L. Landrieu,(D-LA) released the grant guides today. ...more

A Technology Makeover & Consulting Services with SBTV.com Tech Guru Mario Armstrong

You’ve seen tech guru Mario Armstrong on SBTV.com bringing you technology updates and trends for small business and entrepreneurs.  Mario and the SBTV.com team brought you the best products from the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show.    Now there is a way to put Mario’s expertise to work for your firm if your business could use a technology makeover! ...more

I Found You Some Great Stuff!

Whee! Great stuff. Not BlogHer swag, but BlogHer blogroll extra good stuff. I've got geeky tutorials, links to tools that will help you track your content (damn those content stealers!), a network for designers of color, an article about getting sued for your tweets, and tips for getting your emergency contact information on your iPhone as wallpaper. Geeky Tutorials ...more

I think a lot of people could benefit from making that their wallpaper.

Virginia DeBolt

Office Web Apps Coming in 2010

I talked with Louise Rasho in the Microspa room sponsored by Microsoft at BlogHer09. We talked about Office Web Apps, which will be released when Office 2010 is released. Wish I'd had time to stay in the microspa for a massage or some pampering, but I had to rush off after our chat. Louise is @Office_Live on Twitter where she tweets about Microsoft Office Live. Our meeting was arranged by a PR rep Krista Ulatowski, who also sat in on the chat and helped get some answers that Louise didn't have at her fingertips. ...more

No that this will not work on any linux machine... I'm so sad for you. more

From OSCON to BlogHer!

This week I bounced from a technical conference in San Jose, all the way to BlogHer in Chicago, and I'd like to highlight some of the great talks and the women I met at both conferences! ...more

Thanks for sharing your experiences, Liz.  I was really keen to get to OSCON but they didn't ...more